Parenting during the pandemic

Parenting during the pandemic: An opportunity to learn, love, and grow

Soulveda delves deeper into the challenges parents faced during the lockdown and how they rose to the occasion to keep their children safe and families together.

To live in lockdown is one thing, but to live in lockdown as a parent is a different story altogether. Parents have their deadlines to meet, errands to run, and children to take care of. With schools closed down, parents have to become teachers and friends to their children, while chasing their own professional responsibilities. All of this can be challenging and overwhelming because of the lockdown that came without a warning. As the situation intensified, it became clear that good old parenting skills would not work in this new normal, and parenting during the pandemic would need new and creative means to balance their personal and professional lives.

The thing about parenting is it runs on the unending fuel of love, care, and an unwavering sense of responsibility. Parents can adapt to any situation, climb any barrier for the sake of their children. And that’s what parenting during the pandemic is all about—to keep their children stress-free and happy. This Parents’ Day, Soulveda talks about the challenges parents have faced and how they rose to the occasion to keep their children safe and families together.

A learning opportunity for all

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown, time seems to have come to a standstill, especially for parents of young children, and single parents. The lockdown has blurred the lines between personal and professional lives, where they have to manage all, with no help whatsoever. While it has been a learning and testing time for all, parents have risen to the occasion, juggling responsibilities, inventing, and learning new ways to keep children engaged and maintaining their regular school routines.

Parenting during the pandemic: An opportunity to learn, love, and grow

The lockdown has blurred the lines between personal and professional lives, where parents have to manage all, with no help whatsoever.

Talking about what’s important

As the world was rife with fear of death, parents had an important task at hand, to keep their children safe and healthy. For safety, the lockdown made the battle half won. The rest of parenting during the pandemic was dependent on taking precautions and taking good care of our mental wellbeing. And that’s what parents have been doing since the first day of the lockdown.

Fathers have taken charge of the kitchen, while mothers have taken the responsibility of becoming a friend to their children. The roles keep on changing. Many have started teaching their children how to practice yoga and meditation too. This way they have started a family routine that takes the edge off for everyone and keeps them calm and distracted.

Teaching by example

Children learn from what they see and observe around them. Their behaviour and conduct are a reflection of how adults act in front of them or what shows children watch on the television. In the lockdown, children have had their parents around them day and night. And parents knew how important it is for them to keep their behaviour in check because children are watching, observing, and learning. Through random acts of kindness and compassion, parents have taught valuable lessons to their children on solidarity and responsibility towards society.

Teaching children about responsibilities

Parents are spending more time with their children than ever. Many parents have seen this as an opportunity to teach their children about life and responsibilities, something that they couldn’t have in normal circumstances due to lack of time. Parents have taught their children about time management, planning, focus, procrastination, and taking charge of household chores. All, in a fun way. By doing so, parents have not only enabled their children to grow and gain perspectives, but also carve time for themselves to finish their professional goals.


What challenges did parents face during the lockdown?

Parents faced challenges in juggling personal and professional responsibilities while also taking on the role of teachers for their children due to school closures.

How did parents adapt to parenting during the pandemic?

Parents rose to the occasion by inventing creative ways to keep their children engaged, maintaining regular school routines, and ensuring their safety and well-being.

How did parents use the lockdown as a learning opportunity for their children?

Parents used the lockdown to teach their children valuable life lessons such as time management, responsibility, focus, and solidarity through acts of kindness and compassion.

What changes did parents make in their daily routines during the lockdown?

Parents took on new roles, such as fathers handling kitchen responsibilities and mothers becoming friends to their children. They also prioritized teaching their children yoga, meditation, and other activities to keep the family calm and distracted.


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