Enhance Productivity with Office Pranks - International Fun at Work Day

Spark joy at your workplace with games, pranks this International Fun at Work Day

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? So learn to celebrate your hard work in the office with dollops of fun on a day tailor-made for the occasion.

What are the chances that a fun filled day like April Fool’s Day shares it’s date with another interesting day? Well, say hello to International Fun at Work Day! A day celebrated on April 1st every year (or on the first Thursday of April if April 1st falls on a weekend), International Fun at Work Day is a light-hearted way to boost productivity at the workplace and improve team dynamics. It was first celebrated in the year 1996 in a bid to infuse fun and a playful demeanour at work. Obviously, people took to it really fast and ever since, companies across the world celebrate this day to build office camaraderie.

It is hard to imagine work being anything but serious and at times, laborious. But that is exactly why the idea of a light-hearted day like International Fun at Work Day came about. Studies too back this concept – a workplace that is nice and friendly sees better performance from its teams. So lets find ways to make this special day a great one for your co-workers this year!

Flex your competitive muscles

Manage work schedules in a manner that on International Fun at Work Day, your employees or colleagues can spare a few hours for a table tennis competition at work. The boss can be the one who referees and the co-workers can all participate in several rounds of TT, with the top two winners getting a trophy each for their skills. A special gift for the loudest cheerleader can be an added incentive for everyone to have fun!

Lavish lunch, anyone?

Announce a two-hour lunch break on International Fun at Work Day or even better, head out for a lavish lunch at a local favourite. It can be a mini party in between work hours where people get to eat, bond and celebrate a day of sweet little gestures. Everyone can pay for their share or the boss can be in a generous mood too! Studies suggest that eating together helps teams perform better, leading to a company’s overall productivity and wellness. Just remember to be considerate of everyone’s food preferences and voila, this can turn out to be a merry lunch fit for memories!

A fun boss on a fun day

This one is for the bosses. Nothing boosts morale among employees, especially juniors, like a boss who smiles often and parties with them sometimes. Plan a day long trip at a nearby resort and set your employees up for some fun and games. Sack races, dumb charades, singing contests and even cricket or football get the blood pumping and the ball rolling for most people. As a boss, all you have to do is appreciate, participate and have a good time—the rest of the day will flow smoothly and help in bonding like never before.

Make it count

A day as light-hearted as International Fun at Work Day can turn out to be a really meaningful one with a little effort. Plan a trip to the neighbourhood NGO, orphanage or animal shelter with your colleagues and spend an entire day volunteering. All kinds of work count—helping with accounts, taking stock of inventory, cleaning, helping vets or teachers take classes, etc. In volunteering this way, one may even find a calling to help others and start doing so regularly. Moving ahead, this wonderful collective gesture can become a part of the organisation’s CSR activities. Win-win for everyone!

Quiz them about the world

On International Fun at Work Day, colleagues can have a battle of wits at the workplace with an exciting quiz. With different rounds testing people on different subjects like general knowledge, movies and sports among others, a quiz can be a great way to build team spirit. It can also count as a smart method to assess the level of skill and talent that is contained in one’s team. Do remember to keep prizes for the winners in the end and make it an annual event colleagues look forward to.

Kind and thoughtful gifting

For some, it might not be possible to indulge in fun and pranks at work for various reasons. For such workplaces, having a small but meaningful gifting session can be a wonderful and uplifting experience. Plan a few days ahead and get thoughtful gifts for each colleague—books, board games, favourite football team jerseys or a box of gourmet cookies depending on the personality and individual. Giving a gift not only builds a better relationship between two people, it also promotes a kind and positive environment at work.

While April Fool’s Day is about pranks and jokes, International Fun at Work Day can be about all that and more. There are many ways to inject playfulness among co-workers and gifting, having a friendly ping pong or table tennis competition, relishing a delicious lunch spread and quizzing team mates are some ways to do so. In a nutshell, the celebration should encompass bettering of team dynamics and overall niceness at the workplace. So join in the fun without further ado.


When is International Fun at Work Day celebrated?

International Fun at Work Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of April or April 6th every year. In 2024, it coincides with April Fool’s Day.

Why is International Fun at Work Day celebrated?

International Fun at Work Day is celebrated to infuse fun, pranks and games in people’s workplaces. It has been seen that employees of happy workplaces perform better.

What are some ways in which I can celebrate International Fun at Work Day in my office?

You can play cute pranks, go for a lavish lunch, play table tennis or ping pong and gift juniors, colleagues and employees thoughtful stuff to celebrate International Fun at Work Day.




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