World Productivity Day: 10 Habits to Boost Efficiency

World Productivity Day: Ten tiny habits that enhance efficiency and transform your life

Whether it's setting aside dedicated time for important tasks or practising self-care, each tiny habit we adopt helps us stay more focused and productive.

In today’s chaotic world where your attention is pulled from all sides, maintaining focus and productivity can feel like a battle. As we reach work, we’re immediately made a part of meetings and handed a list of tasks that grow by the minute. As soon as we start working on one task, another one lands on our desk. Juggling multiple tasks can be draining and exhausting, leaving us feeling stressed, burnt and defeated. For a lot of us, this constant juggling between tasks affects our mental and physical wellbeing.

World Productivity Day, that is celebrated on June 20th,  aims to highlight the importance of efficiency and making the most of our time. This day encourages us to shift our focus from working harder to working smarter. It urges us to evaluate how we manage our tasks and enhance our efficiency. This day aims to inspire both individuals and organisations and serves as a reminder that by adopting smarter work strategies, we can improve our performance.

But how does one improve productivity? By incorporating tiny habits into our routine to help us stay focused and productive, even on the most hectic days. Join us as we explore simple yet effective strategies to manage the madness of our everyday hustle.

Start your day with power of intention

Most of us wake up cursing our alarms, dreading the day ahead. But that’s not the way to thrive. Instead of starting your day sulking, try beginning with the power of intention. When you wake up, take a moment to set your goals for the day and focus on what you want to achieve. Starting your day with a clear purpose can make all the difference in how productive and efficient you can be.

Incorporate meditation in your routine

Instead of reaching for your phone first thing in the morning, try starting your day with a few minutes of meditation. This practice has the power to centre your mind and body, helping you feel more grounded. Meditation is also a fantastic way to reduce stress and improve concentration. Doing it provides a focused start to a hectic day, making the tasks ahead feel more manageable.

Don’t indulge in self-pity, have gratitude instead

We all have those days where we wake up feeling grumpy or sorry for ourselves. Maybe being stuck in a bad job or a relationship gets the best of us, or maybe life in general overwhelms us. On such days, putting a little effort into shifting one’s perspective can help. Practising gratitude instead of indulging in negative thoughts can make us better equipped at dealing with life’s lows.

Take a moment to reflect on what you are thankful for, and you will find it easier to tackle whatever comes your way.

Set time for everything

Tiny break to make productive

A lot of us cram our calendars with meetings and work deadlines, but what about the rest of our tasks? It’s crucial to schedule time for everything, not just meetings. This means planning for breaks, exercise and even leisure activities. By organising our days in this manner, we can ensure a balanced approach to work and our other activities. It can also enhance our productivity in the long run, teaching us to make time for both our work and personal wellbeing.

Do one task at a time

On a hectic day, multitasking often seems like the given approach. However, juggling multiple tasks can hinder our productivity and lead to errors. Instead, we must learn to focus on one task at a time. By dedicating our attention to a single activity, we can improve the quality of our work and ensure its completion as well. Doing this regularly further teaches us to tackle all our tasks more effectively.

Think hard before you say yes

It is easy to get caught up in the rush of a busy day. A lot of us find ourselves inadvertently saying yes to new tasks and commitments without considering them properly. Here on, before you agree to take on something new, pause for a moment and check if you can deliver additional tasks with similar efficiency. This brief pause can help you avoid overcommitment and stay focused on what truly matters.

Read inspiring quotes, keep them close

Let’s face it, we all have moments during the day when we don’t feel motivated. A simple way to lift your spirits at that time is to read and apply inspiring quotes. Try this – put some of your favourite inspiring quotes in the form of posters or cards in visible areas like your workspace or home walls. Whenever you need a boost of encouragement, simply take a look at these words of wisdom and they will ensure that you stay focused and positive.

Give your eyes a much-needed break

Whether it’s for work or leisure, we are all glued to our screens for several hours in a single day. This constant screen time strains our eyes and reduces our productivity. To combat this, we should make it a habit to give our eyes frequent breaks. One can follow the simple 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. It’s a simple practice, but it can make a huge difference in keeping our eyes healthy and our minds fresh throughout the day.

Don’t put off tasks

When faced with daunting or unpleasant tasks, it’s easy to put them off for the time being. However, delaying these tasks often lead to mishaps and even decreased productivity in the long run. So, instead of putting them off, learn to tackle them quickly. Take up the hardest task first thing in the morning — completing such tasks sooner frees up one’s mental space and allows them to focus on other priorities better.

Self-care, self-care, self-care

In the midst of hectic schedules and endless to-do lists, it’s crucial to make time for daily self-care. Whether it is exercising, eating healthy meals or ensuring you get enough restful sleep, self-care should never be neglected. Taking care of yourself enhances your ability to perform well and also contributes to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

By incorporating simple rituals like morning meditation, gratitude exercises and mindful task management, we can navigate even the busiest of days with ease. Whether it’s setting aside dedicated time for important or difficult tasks or practising self-compassion, each tiny habit we adopt can help us stay more focused and productive.


Why is World Productivity Day celebrated?

World Productivity Day is celebrated on June 20th annually to raise awareness about the importance of productivity.

How can I enhance my productivity?

You can start by prioritising your tasks, setting clear goals, managing your time effectively and eliminating online and offline distractions

What are some tiny habits that help improve productivity on hectic days?

Some tiny habits to improve focus and productivity on hectic days include starting each day with intention, taking regular breaks, practising mindfulness and prioritising tasks.

How can I make the most of World Productivity Day?

You can make the most of World Productivity Day by setting aside time to assess your current productivity habits, identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies to enhance your productivity.




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