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Setting the mind free: Fixing your attention


Shut off your cell phone; keep it on if you like, only for an hour or a day, so that you don’t keep worrying about what has happened out there. Shut off your phones. Eat light food so that you don’t have to work hard to digest the food, shut off the TV, and pull the plug. Now find a place to sit. It could be on the bed or it could be on the floor or ground, but the important thing is that you are not disturbed by anybody. If you are in a resort or a hotel, put up the Do Not Disturb board on your doorknob.

The important thing is that you should also be able to look out of the window at the wide-open world. So, sit near a window, sit in a comfortable posture—you could sit in chair or you could sit cross legged or in vajraasan—the prayer position and then, keep your eyes open and take a look at the world outside. If it is raining, look at the rain; if the clouds, just follow the clouds. For the time being, don’t expect to get anything out of what you see but just see, just be. ‘Have few thoughts’, is what I am trying to say. Listen to the sounds that you hear outside. Then, make sure that the room is well ventilated, and leave the window open.

Then, take a deep breath, and while you breathe in, think or visualise of the beautiful, fresh energies of the earth, of the world in which you are, entering your body and into your lungs while you breathe in. Since you are sitting in the midst of greenery—green itself is a soothing colour—and also visualise you are breathing in beautiful green vapour, which is coming into your lungs and filling your body. Stay with it. Let it fill every little part of your body.

And, you are now like a part of the beautiful paddy field that may be in front of you. Lovely, beautiful, tranquil green, wide expanse that is you, inside your heart; then, think or visualise that there is a beautiful light glowing. And the light is quiet and tranquil and calm, not the raging fire, it’s like moon light and when you breathe out visualize that all the negativity in you, all the limitations in you are slowly coming out of your nostrils and are being wafted away by the wind. When you have done this a few times, inhaling and exhaling, you are then left with no impure substance, but just that beautiful energy which is around you, inside you and all round you. When you have done a few inhaling and exhaling rounds, let your breath become normal.


Make not my mind confine to a dark cell, may I be free, may I be free, may I be free.

Close your eyes, fix your attention on that beautiful calm moonlight inside your heart and say to yourself—I am no more the old person, I am expanding, I am growing, I am de-limiting myself. I refuse to be confined to such small spaces; I am flying, soaring like a bird into the wide-open spaces. May I be helped to reach great heights, may my mind expand. Make not my mind confine to a dark cell, may I be free, may I be free, may I be free.

Then, after having said this, open your eyes, and once more look all around. And, see for yourself that there is a new glowing character to everything outside.

Then get up, stretch your legs, take a few steps, sit down again and visualise what you want to achieve in all detail as if you are already there. You want a beautiful house—think of it in detail, the house and the furniture and your favorite sofa in which you are already sitting and relaxing and looking out of the window. Do this every day in the morning and before you go to sleep; believe it or not, you will achieve what you want to.

But there are many factors that can hinder you. One is, you certainly won’t go anywhere if you are prejudiced and keep saying, ‘No, no, no, I am doing all this but I don’t think it will happen.’ Well then, better, you don’t try. You are happy with what you have, stay with it. This is one of the ways to set the mind free—to move out from normal weather-beaten track, to go out into the open expanses, to be free and soar like a bird.


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