A grateful heart is a happy heart

A grateful heart is a happy heart

A few minutes into the journey, the passenger started chatting with Dev. He told his name and told him about his work. Rohit was full of life.

While the world was getting into the groove of the new year’s celebration, Dev was driving his cab through the crowded streets. He couldn’t think of doing anything else. After losing his wife to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dev spent most of his time working. Driving his cab day and night as if nothing had happened. Inside, however, he was suffering. He had forgotten how to smile and what it meant to be happy.

He was lost in his thoughts when a man hailed him for a ride. He was well dressed and had a bunch of gifts in his hands. After helping him tuck his luggage and gifts into the boot, Dev started the ride. The destination was quite far. A few minutes into the journey, the passenger started chatting with Dev. He told his name and what he does for a living. Rohit was full of life.

After a while, even Dev couldn’t stop himself and asked Rohit if he was new to the city or visiting someone here. “I have been in Canada for two years. It feels great coming home after such a long time. The best thing is, they have no idea I’m coming,” replied Rohit, animatedly.

“Sounds like you have a big, loving family,” said Dev.

“A very big family, yes. I have missed them a lot,” Rohit replied.

A lucky man, Dev wondered.

When they reached their destination, Rohit got out of the car and invited Dev for a cup of coffee. Just as Dev got out of the cab, a stream of children rushed outside laughing and screaming.

“Welcome to my home sweet home,” said Rohit. It was an orphanage.

Dev was standing in disbelief. All of the children’s faces were glowing with happiness. They had no one yet they were not alone. They had each other.

At that moment, Dev learned something that he wouldn’t for the rest of his life. Happiness grows when shared.

And after a long time, he was smiling again.




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