deed of kindness

A little deed of kindness

Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness - something that five-year-old Isaa learnt early on in his life.

Returning from school, Isaa got off his chauffeur-driven car. He headed straight to his room. On his bed were brand new toys, neatly arranged and gift wrapped. His father had got him more toys from his recent trip abroad.

The five-year-old, however, was not his usual self. He seemed distracted. On his way back home, Isaa had seen children begging for food at the corner of the street. Their hungry faces bothered him. Isaa went to the balcony and peeped into the street below. There they were, on the street, fighting over a bar of chocolate.

“Isaa?” his mother called from downstairs.

He quickly changed into his pajamas and hurried to the dining hall. On the table were tea and snacks. Seeing Isaa lost in thought, his mother asked him what was wrong.

Isaa made a strange request. “I saw other boys playing outside. Can I play with them?”

His mother’s expression conveyed a clear “No”. She changed the subject instead. “Have you seen the new toys daddy got for you?”

Dejected, Isaa went to play with his caretaker Raza in the backyard.

“Why shouldn’t I play with the boys in the street corner?” he asked Raza.

Raza looked surprised. “Why do you want to play with those children when you have me to play with?”

“I play with you every day. But today, let me play with them. I am sure we will have fun,” Isaa tried to convince him. When Raza still looked surprised, he went on, “I saw them fighting for food. We have so much food at home. Can I please share some with them?”

Raza looked at the little boy intently. “How about we surprise them after Iftar?”

Isaa’s face beamed with joy. When Abdul returned home for dinner, his son was nowhere to be seen. His wife was busy cooking an elaborate spread for the family. It was the holy month of Ramadan, after all.

Looking for his son, Abdul stepped outside. At a distance, he could see Isaa with Raza. The duo was surrounded by street children. Worried, he hurried towards them. But what he saw made him smile. Isaa was giving away his old toys and distributing snacks to the children.

“May I join you?” Abdul asked Isaa.

“Yes!” the little boy squealed, hugging his father.




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