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In the wind of hopelessness, she found herself

Sonia and Neil had a typical arranged marriage. The families first found each other and then Neil and Sonia were left to discover one another.

Young and newly married, they poured themselves into the relationship. Their love came naturally. For Sonia, Neil was her entire world. All she knew was how to love him, beyond her own self. But as the years went by, Neil’s love turned sour.

A romance that was once full of sparks was now filled with altercations and resentment.

Without a word, one day, Neil left Sonia. She waited for him to come back. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. But he never did.

One late evening, she received a call.

Sonia picked up to an unfamiliar voice. “I found this phone at the accident site. Your number was the emergency contact. Please come to the Sloan hospital quickly,” rushed the strange voice.

Panicked, Sonia picked up her keys and ran.

It was a strange moment for Sonia. Since the day he left, all she wanted was for Neil to come back.

At the hospital, the nurse guided her to the ICU ward, where Neil was kept under observation. Before leaving, coyly, the nurse said, “From the moment they brought your unconscious husband in, he’s been taking your name.”

When Neil opened his eyes, he found Sonia sitting by the bedside. Overcome by regret, he mumbled,

“When the car turtled, I could see my life play in front of my eyes. All I could think of was my wife.” He held her hand, and continued, “I don’t want to spend another moment apart. Can I come back home to you?”

It was a strange moment for Sonia. Since the day he left, all she wanted was for Neil to come back. But now, when he was in front of her, apologising for abandoning her, she didn’t know who he was anymore or who she was either.

“I am glad you are okay. But I’m not that woman you married anymore, who didn’t know how to live without her husband,” Sonia said.

“I have found myself. I hope you would do too.”



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