learn to say no

Learn to say no

“Yes. But she had a thing to do at home. She asked me If I could do it for her. And I agreed,” Judy said hesitatingly.

“Hey, can you proof this document for me? I have to meet a friend,” Gina asked Judy as she picked up her bag.

“Sure,” Judy nodded hesitantly.

“Thank you, Judy. You are a sweetheart,” she said and walked away.

After finishing her work, Judy looked at Gina’s document. God, it has 30 pages! She exclaimed.

It took her two hours to finish the proofing. By that time, it was already dark. She reached home tired and went straight to bed, skipping her dinner once again.

Judy was new to the organisation. Eager to make a good impression, she seldom said no to anyone. She helped others in their assignments, updated the sheets they asked for. She did everything her peers asked her to do so that she doesn’t feel out of place.

One day, Judy’s boss Nia found her sitting alone at the desk. The working hours were over and everyone had left for the day.

She took Judy to a restaurant. As they ate, Nia looked at Judy and asked, “Why were you doing this?

Nia asked her what she was doing at this hour. When Judy told her she was working on someone else’s task, Nia got upset.

“Leave it as it is. Close your laptop and come with me,” said Nia.

She took Judy to a restaurant. As they ate, Nia looked at Judy and asked, “Why were you doing this? I am pretty sure this has happened before as well.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Judy tried to look away.

“Call me Nia,” she smiled. “You still haven’t answered my question.”

“I don’t want them to look down on me,” replied Judy.

“I know what you mean. I used to be just like you. A yes-woman. I would say ‘yes’ to every request, thinking others will get impressed. Instead, I almost got fired one day. At that time, my boss told me what I am telling you now. Learn to say no,” Nia emphasised.

“I will, Nia. Thank you. Saying yes all the time is really an exhausting game” Judy said.

“Of course! But don’t say no to your boss,” they both laughed.


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