reputation for speed-driving

On the road, speed has its limits

Jack unfolded the sheet of paper. His brows furrowed. It wasn't a speeding ticket, but a note instead.

Jack noticed a policeman gaining on him. He immediately glanced at his speedometer. “Damn it!” he exclaimed, before pulling over. His mind raced as he conjured up an excuse to evade yet another speeding ticket.

The officer got off the car and approached him with a notepad in hand. Jack instantly recognised the officer. “Mac? Mac from the church?” he muttered to himself. The two men knew each other very well and lying would only make things worse. So, he discarded his well-thought-out excuse.

Rolling down the car window, an embarrassed Jack began: “Hey Mac, fancy meeting you like this…”

“Hello Jack,” the police officer replied, his face stern. As the officer started scribbling something on his notepad, Jack hesitantly added, “You’ve certainly caught me red-handed. But you see, I’ve been working late hours these days, and I was in a rush to have dinner with my wife and kids… I know it’s a lame excuse, but can I be excused this one time…?”

Jack unfolded the sheet of paper to check. His brows furrowed. It wasn’t a speeding ticket, but a note instead.

Mac smiled, “But this isn’t your first time, is it Jack? You have a reputation for speed-driving in our precinct.” He went on scribbling.

Annoyed, Jack gave up and abruptly wound up the window while he waited for Mac to give him the ticket. When Mac knocked on his window again, an irate Jack collected his speeding ticket muttering under his breath How much is this one going to cost me?

Jack unfolded the sheet of paper to check. His brows furrowed. It wasn’t a speeding ticket, but a note instead. It read:

Dear Jack,

I have probably never told you this before, but you often remind me of my best friend. Like you, he was a loving father and a husband. But a few years ago, he was killed in a road accident—he was speed driving.

To this day, his wife and children grieve for him. All we can do is help his family financially. But we cannot wipe away his family’s sorrow. That is why I pray that your family doesn’t suffer a similar fate. Follow the road rules and stay safe.

Jack turned around to see Mac’s car pull away and head down the road. Jack watched until it disappeared. After a few minutes, Jack too pulled away—this time slowly.


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