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Some journeys, you must take alone

Some journeys you must take alone

Frustrated by how her life was falling apart, Mira pulled out her diaries and photographs and tore them into pieces. Letting out all that angst, she collapsed right in the middle of it all.

A day ago, her life was perfect. Today, she wasn’t sure if there will be a tomorrow.

Raised by an affluent family, Mira had only seen love and comfort. With her days filled with happiness, she dreamt for more. And when she got married, she wondered if this was the day she was eagerly waiting for. She dreamt of support, care, and endless love from her husband and his family. Mira, however, received taunts and insults.

Mira was constantly belittled by her husband and his family. They dictated her how to live, what to do, and what not to do. She was even forced to quit her job, which she did helplessly. Every day was a living nightmare. After months of living a caged and humiliated life, Mira finally gave up. The confident and independent girl who brought smiles to everyone she met had only dried tears and a broken spirit.

Mira realised, to save herself she will have to stand against everyone. Afraid but determined, she was ready.

One day, she received a call. Her little sister was getting engaged. Ecstatic, she packed her bags but her husband wasn’t keen to listen to her wishes. He locked her in the bedroom for three days. No amount of begging, pleading, and banging the door helped. Tired, Mira sat at her desk and began to read her old diaries. Unable to believe how different she used to be, Mira stopped crying. She knew what she had to do.

When the doors to the bedroom were finally opened, she went straight to the main gate, unlocked it, and left the house to never return.

Crying happy tears, she rushed to her parents’ home. But she didn’t expect what came next. Her husband’s call had reached her parents before she could. Mira’s family was convinced, their ‘spoilt’ daughter must be the problem. She was advised to go back to her husband because that’s where her ‘real family’ was.

Mira realised, to save herself she will have to stand against everyone. Afraid but determined, she was ready. Picking her bags, she said goodbye to her parents and walked out.

The life I am treading on, may not be easy. But at least, I will have my freedom and respect. Some journeys, you have to take alone. Especially the ones that lead to a joyful future are for yourself; Mira thought to herself as she walked away.


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