good bad stranger

The good ‘bad’ stranger

She looked in the rear-view mirror. The man had been on her trail for 15 minutes now. That's it, she thought-he's a murderer.

It was 11:30 pm and she was absolutely sure that she was being followed. She stepped on the brakes and took a sharp left. The grey car veered in after her. She looked in the rear-view mirror. The man had been on her trail for 15 minutes now. He was about her age and had been driving behind her since she left the pub.

It would take her at least two hours, and a passage through a dark empty stretch on the highway to get home. Why hadn’t she listened to the friend who had offered to accompany her? Why did she have to stay out so late? She was worried sick. She was entering the dark stretch and the car behind her was trying to overtake. She gave him a good to go signal, hoping that he would drive past her. The grey car came to her side and the guy gestured something at her.

This is it, she thought–he’s a rapist and a murderer. She panicked, stepped on the accelerator, lost control and hit a road block. The grey car stopped behind her and the man got out. She wrestled with the air bags and stepped out of the car with a pepper spray in her hands.

The man ran towards her with a hockey stick in his hands. Before she could do anything, he pushed her out of the way, opened the back door of her car and pulled out the scrawny guy who was crouching in the back. Everything around her was spinning; she fainted.

When she woke up in the hospital, the man in the grey car was sitting next to her. He told her that he had seen the guy spike her drink in the pub and sneak into her car afterwards. That guy was sought by the police for five accounts of rape and murder.


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