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The U-turn

He was standing on the threshold. The line that divided the safety of his home and the outside world. He couldn’t take another day of drudgery, painful interactions with his miserably boring colleagues, another day of monotony, another day of work.

Sometimes he wanted to run away. Just leave everything behind, his car, his house, his wife and kids–to start anew. Adventure and his wildest fantasies called out to him. A call that was almost always bogged down by reality rearing its ugly head at 7 am every day via the alarm clock.

But today was different. It was his day and he was going to seize it. He could feel it in his gut. Turning around, he went back inside, took off his tie, changed into his shorts, declared to his wife and kids that he was quitting his job, and went back to bed.

For six months, His feelings fluctuated between ecstasy, dread and worry. Some days were beautiful–he would play with the children, read, soak up the sun, spend quality time with his wife, and more. Some days were just miserable, he worried when his wife asked him his future plans, he dreaded meeting his friends who still had jobs, and his dwindling savings account scared him. Gradually he realised, he wasn’t at peace despite turning his back on things that gave him no pleasure.

Desperate for peace, he packed his bag and left one day. Getting to a hill station, he picked a room overlooking the river. For six months, he read, cooked and took long walks along the hills. He was happier, yes. But was still not at peace.

Soon, he found himself heading back to the city. His wife welcomed him with open arms and the kids were lovelier. He even got his old job.

On his first day back, he looked around and found everything had changed. He was amazed at how enjoyable life had become. He enjoyed going to work, he didn’t think of his family as a burden, but a part of himself.

He had found peace at the same place that he had left behind. It took a year for his old life to become his new life. Sometimes all one needs is a break, he thought and smiled as he crossed the threshold to go to work.


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