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In the end, love always triumphs

Sunidhi and Anil were classmates. Their friendship was as thick as thieves. Both came from middle-class backgrounds and they had a lot in common. When they started high school, Anil had asked Sunidhi out and she had accepted.

After two years of blissful courtship, graduation day arrived. Sunidhi was the first to reach the venue, but Anil reached soon after. Noticing him entering, she walked up to him and they sat next to each other in the auditorium. Sunidhi noticed Anil wasn’t his usual self and asked him what was wrong. “My father has been transferred to another city,” he said with sadness in his eyes. “But I will keep in touch,” he added.

Sunidhi was stunned at the revelation. She was not prepared for such a situation. With tears rolling down her eyes she asked, “Is there any way you can stay back?” Slowly shaking his head, he replied, “No, I explored all options, including staying in a hostel, but my parents are unrelenting.”

Just like any teenager would, Sunidhi lost all hope. Anil reassured her with a glimmer of hope in his eyes, “I will come back after finishing college and ask for your hand, meanwhile we can maintain a long-distance relationship.” Sunidhi wasn’t convinced. Devastated by then, she just shrugged and told him that the relationship would have to end before he leaves.

Hurting over the way she had dumped him years ago, Sunidhi confided in him.

Five years had gone by since they had split. Sunidhi stopped keeping in touch with him to get over her feelings. She graduated from college and got a decent job. Yet, she could not completely forget him, nor move on. “Wonder how Anil’s doing,” she would ask herself occasionally.

Sunidhi’s parents had been pestering her to get married. They had found a match and all she had to do was agree to tie the knot. She had been dilly-dallying over the matter. Finally, she decided to get some closure by informing Anil, whom she had not contacted in the past five years. She still had his number. “Is he still using the same number?” she wondered. Trembling and nervous, she called him.

“Hello! What a pleasant surprise,” a cheerful voice replied. It was indeed Anil. Hurting over the way she had dumped him years ago, Sunidhi confided in him. “Will you take me back?” she asked. Promptly he said ‘yes’, and asked: “Would you like to start again from the beginning?”


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