Some love stories live forever

Some love stories live forever

Ajay was a tad nervous, yes, not because he was searching for icebreakers but because he feared she might not talk to him.

It was 10 in the morning. Ajay had gotten up earlier to get ready for the day. It was a special day after all. Naina, the love of his life and mother to his two children, was waiting for him.

Outside, it was raining. The morning rains always reminded him of the day they met each other for the first time. It was the summer rain, which was as beautiful as their relationship of more than five decades.

For the occasion, Ajay had picked up white lilies. His wife’s favourites. He was wearing a brown jacket and khaki trousers, and a beige colour shirt that Naina had bought him a few months ago. Of course, it wasn’t the first time he had picked flowers to make his wife smile.

He had done this—the making her smile part—since day one. Sometimes, by playing the ukulele, the other times, by cooking her favourite meal. But lately, flowers were what she had loved the most.

Ajay was standing at the gate. Naina was waiting for him. For someone looking from afar, it may have seemed like he was collecting his thoughts as if he was about to meet his blind date. He was a tad nervous, yes, not because he was searching for icebreakers but because he feared she might not talk to him. He was thinking about their last meeting. It was good but he wasn’t sure if it will be the same this time.

Standing at the gate wasn’t going to solve anything. So he moved his feet and walked towards Naina.

He looked at her, smiled, and stretched his arms out with the flowers. But the wind was blowing hard so he had to put a hand on his head so his hat doesn’t fly away. After a few short breaths, he said, “How have you been?”

That’s how he always started his conversations with her. Four simple words, when spoken with a lot of depth and love, can echo for eternity.

After an hour, as he turned around to get back to his car that was parked outside the gate, the wind gusted again. The flowers on Naina’s grave moved a little as if she took a whiff. Ajay saw this and smiled, “Yes, I’ll eat on time. See you tomorrow, my love!”




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