friendship and liking

Tell her…

For the past few days, he tried but couldn’t say a word to Riya. The words simply wouldn’t come out. Today, was no different.

It was a bright Friday morning. Vinay, as always, drove to Riya’s house to pick her up. He parked his car outside the gate and honked. Riya, with a bag on her shoulders, rushed out the door, yelling, “Stop honking… I’m coming.”

“What took you so long?” Vinay asked as Riya stepped into the car.

“Don’t ask… too much going on… let’s go,” Riya replied as they drove to their college.

It was the last day of college. They had been friends since day one. The realisation that their time together was coming to an end had hit Vinay hard. The thought of not being able to see Riya was unbearable.

He knew that he had to say something before she leaves. Riya was planning to move to a different city to pursue higher education while Vinay was going to join his father’s business in the town.

For the past few days, he tried but couldn’t say a word to Riya. Today, was no different. As they reached the college, Vinay took her to the canteen and ordered her favourite samosas.

“Vinay… what’s going on?” Riya asked him as soon as he gave the order. “Normally, you wouldn’t even let me come near Samosa. And today…you’re treating me…Something is definitely going on.” She pulled him by his hand as he was about to lift the plate and sat on the bench nearby.

“Nothing. It’s our last day. Who knows when we’ll get this chance again,” he casually answered.

“True,” said Riya. “But you’ve been acting differently the whole month.”

“It’s just that college is over,” he said. “You are moving to a different city. It’s a lot to take in.”

“Is that all?” she queried.

Vinay looked at her. His eyes locked on hers. Tell her, tell her, his inner voice told him. But he feared what if he loses the friendship? What if she starts hating him? He wouldn’t be able to live with that feeling.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he whispered.

Later that day, Vinay drove her back to her house. As they sat in the car, Riya took out a box from her bag and gave it to him. “This is for you. Open it when you reach home,” she gave him a hug and left.

Disheartened Vinay reached home, went to his room and sat on the sofa. He cursed his luck before opening the box. It had a watch and a small note. It said, I really like you, Vinay. I was never able to say it because I was too afraid of losing our friendship. But I had to say it today. I hope this watch will always remind you of the precious moments we spent together.


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