Dreams come true

Dreams come true

He avoided speaking of the memories that haunted and troubled him. Each night he would pray to God sitting on his knees and paint a picture in his mind. Anil just longed for love and he used to dream.

Anil had been rescued from a railway station in Mumbai and sent to an orphanage by some kind people who worked for this cause. He refused to tell anyone where he came from and why he had escaped from home. The truth was he didn’t want to speak of the memories that haunted and troubled him. He was safe in the child care, but he longed for love. Each night he would pray to God sitting on his knees and paint a picture of a mother – a woman who was kind, full of divinity and who had a beautiful angelic smile.

There were kids in the orphanage who would get adopted by good families. Anil wished them well, said goodbye and dreamt. He just dreamt of a loving mother. That’s all he wanted.

One day, his caregiver brought a woman to the orphanage who wanted to make donations. She was on a wheelchair as she had lost her limbs in a fatal car accident several years ago. She made a good living for herself as a teacher and coach. As she was single and specially challenged, adoption wasn’t an option that she considered seriously but she loved spending time with the kids.

During this visit, she noticed Anil. He thanked her as he received his gift and gave her a warm embrace. Their eyes welled up as they smiled at each other.

A couple of months later, Anil’s caregiver called him over to have a chat. “Anil, do you remember that lady on the wheelchair. She has requested for your adoption and gotten herself a court order giving her the consent to adopt.”

Anil’s eyes lit up. He couldn’t hold back his tears and his grin. He thanked God and his warden as he laughed and cried at the same time.

His warden was elated to see his reaction. She was afraid that he would be disappointed to hear about this development.

He finally broke his silence and said, “You know, Sister… I had been praying to God every night before I went to bed for a loving mother with an angelic smile and that day when I saw her, I knew she had come for me. I will be her limbs and take care of her. My dreams have come true.”




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