story on self belief

Her life, her dreams

Suddenly the realisation struck. It’s her life, her dreams. What others think didn’t matter.

It was her dream, a chance Farheen knew wouldn’t knock at her door again. She had to seize the opportunity but her confidence was shaky. The words of her boyfriend, Hemant didn’t help either.

“Don’t worry if you can’t crack the interview. Most people can’t,” he had told her. It hurt her deeply but she didn’t say anything.

Farheen had two days to prepare for the interview but her thoughts such as you are not good enough and you can’t do it hounded her. Frustrated, she closed the laptop and went for a walk.

While trying to clear her mind, she saw two children playing in the mud. They were covered in dirt but they couldn’t care less. They were in their own world, playing, laughing, just being happy.

Suddenly, a realisation struck Farheen. It’s her life, her dreams. What others think doesn’t matter. If something makes her happy, she should pursue it.

This is all she needed, a little bit of self-belief.

When she reached home, she called Hemant. “I will crack the interview and I will get the job,” she said and hung up.

On the day of the interview, she wore her favourite dress, ate a healthy meal, and sat down near her desk at home. She opened the laptop and joined the interview link.

“Good morning, Farheen,” the interviewer said.

“Good morning, how are you doing, sir?” a confident Farheen replied with a smile on her face.


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