The rockstar

The rockstar

Nishant wanted to call him and ask him not to come, but something stopped him. Maybe he still wanted to give it a try.

“Ah, not again!” Nishant shouted as he threw the guitar on the couch. It had been a year since he had picked up the instrument. That day, however, he couldn’t get anything right. How can I become a guitarist if I can’t even cover songs?

He lay down, took his phone, and started browsing his feed. It was his way to distract himself. His friend Jojo was online. Nishant messaged, “Hey, how is your singing practice going?”

Jojo responded, “Hey, yeah, it’s alright. Let’s jam together this weekend. What say?”

Perplexed, Nishant texted back, “I will just embarrass myself in front of you. I wish I was as good as you are.”

“Hey, c’mon, even I am learning. Besides, it will be fun,” Jojo wrote. He told Nishant he would come over this Saturday and went offline. Nishant couldn’t even say no. He wanted to tell Jojo not to come, but something stopped him. Perhaps, he was still interested in giving it a try.

Two days later, they were sitting in Nishant’s room.

“See, Jojo, I have been trying to figure out this song for the last six months, but I can’t get it right,” Nishant said while he strummed the guitar. “That’s not bad! I know the lines of the song. Let’s rehearse together,” Jojo said enthusiastically. They jammed together for the next two hours.

“You know what, Jojo? This was fun even if we missed the beat here and there,” Nishant smilingly said. “Yeah! I didn’t even realise where the time went,” Jojo said while looking at his watch.

Nishant had realised you don’t have to be perfect to have fun. “We should do this more often,” he told him.

“Absolutely, my rockstar!” Jojo responded as he gave him a high-five.


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