Healing After Loss: Finding Hope Again

To finding hope after earth shattering grief

Tara wished she had stopped him from going out; she wished she had saved him. The weight of her guilt and grief consumed her, leaving her feeling empty and hopeless.

It was a lonely Sunday afternoon, the dishes were unwashed in the kitchen and there was days of garbage to be disposed of. And yet, Tara sat there, gazing at the television mindlessly. It had been three years since the death of her son in an accident and she had lost all her will to live.

Days blurred into nights as Tara found herself trapped in a cycle of grief and regret. She spent endless hours replaying the day her son died—her  mind wandered back to when her son, Aman, had insisted on going out with his friends. “Mom, please, just today. Everyone else is going and I promise to be back early,” he had pleaded, his eyes filled with excitement.

Tara wished she had stopped him from going out and wished she could have saved him. The weight of her guilt and sorrow consumed her, leaving her feeling empty and hopeless.

One such night, unable to sleep, Tara found herself watching old videos of her son. His laughter echoed through the room, filling her heart with bittersweet memories. As she watched him smile on the screen, tears streamed down her face. Somehow, she fell asleep.

Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice calling out to her. Startled, Tara looked around, only to realise that it was the video playing on repeat. And yet, in some strange manner, her son’s voice seemed to echo in her ears, urging her to let go of her pain and embrace life once again.

With a heavy heart, Tara made a decision. She knew that she couldn’t change the past, but she could choose to honour her son’s memory by finding happiness again. Slowly, she began to pick up the pieces of her life, finding peace in her routine and small moments of joy.

As days turned into weeks, Tara found herself slowly getting out of the darkness of her grief. She reached out to friends and family, seeking support. She allowed herself to laugh again, to find beauty and happiness in the world around her.

Though the pain of losing her son would always haunt her, Tara realised that she had the power to shape her future. With each passing day, she grew stronger. And as she looked towards the horizon, she knew that her son would always be with her, guiding her in her journey of life.




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