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A tale of two rescues

“You will have to choose between the child and your wife,” the doctor told him.

Six months ago, Amit, a chef, and Malini, a nurse, had waited with bated breath for the pregnancy test to be confirmed. High school sweethearts, the couple had wanted to start a family ever since they got married.

The last few months had been like a dream. But it soon went downhill; the pregnancy was complicated and abortion became the only option. Following the procedure, a normally boisterous Malini fell quiet. Hit hard by the vacuum in her womb, she shut herself in and stopped reacting to anything. As she suffered, Amit suffered too.

Three months passed.

One day she heard a scuffling sound outside her door. She tried to ignore it, but it just wouldn’t stop. She opened the door to find Amit holding a familiar three-legged dog. The sight brought back a hazy memory of a day, eight months ago, when both of them had walked to the local pound and seen an eight-year-old boxer.

Today, the same boxer–that no one wanted to adopt–stood at her doorstep, looking at her with beautiful brown, but listless eyes. “He was waiting for us,” said Amit, as Malini stared. As if in a dream, she bent down and stroked the wide, bony forehead. After months, Amit heard her voice. “Welcome home my baby.” As she stood up, he saw a familiar light in her eyes. All set to nurture and heal, Malini guided the dog, who was already in love with her.

They had rescued each other.


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