Friends forever

Friends forever

Bosco’s death hit Neha really hard. What’s more, her family had moved to a new city where everyone was a stranger.

Neha and Bosco were like two peas in a pod. Every day, they would spend hours running around the house, playing with each other. They were inseparable. She was the only child of her parents and Bosco, her adorable little golden retriever puppy, was the best friend she could ever ask for.

A few years passed by. Neha was 11 now. And Bosco was old. She knew that her furry friend was sick and doesn’t have much time left. But she wasn’t ready to say goodbye yet. How could she? The cuddles, long walks, ball games, hiding Bosco’s mischiefs from her family—all these precious memories had made Neha’s childhood truly special.

Bosco’s death hit Neha really hard. What’s more, her family had moved to a new city where everyone was a stranger. She felt alone more than ever. The only thing she had were the memories of Bosco—his thick bark, drool, innocent eyes, and tantrums, which she remembered vividly.

Children at her school were… well, like typical children at her age. Sometimes, mean, other times, hurtful. Neha had a hard time making any friends. This little girl yearned for friendship that could fill the void Bosco’s death had left in her life.

One afternoon, after school, Neha was looking out of her window blankly, missing her old furry friend. It was his birthday after all. Her reverie broke when a familiar little bark brought her back to the present. She chased the sound and found a puppy in the corner of the road, whimpering and crying.

Neha went outside to check on the puppy. The little furball was alone. Did someone abandon this little baby? She wondered. Neha sat on her knees and caressed the puppy, who soon stopped crying and started licking her face instead.

The pup had found a friend, and so did Neha. She held the puppy carefully in her arms and began to walk towards her home. At the same time, her parents’ car stopped near the front gate. She ran up to them and asked, “Mom, dad, can I keep him… please? Someone left him on the street, all alone,” she requested politely. “Of course, you can, sweetheart,” responded her father.

“Do you have a name in mind,” her mother asked.

“Yes, Bosco…Bosco junior,” Neha replied with a big smile on her face.



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