An opportunity to rescue dying romance – Arun Kant

‘Not done with you yet’

Lily and Ed ducked down, petrified, coming to terms with the fact that they were hostages in an armed robbery.

Everyone who knew Lily and Ed was in awe of their relationship. Something about it was endearing, almost enviable. Their life seemed to emerge from the pages of a romantic novel. Perhaps, it was the way they looked at each other or the way they supported each other when times were tough. Through the crests and troughs of life, Lily and Ed knew how to keep the spark alive. Whether it was a silly fight or a difference of opinion, they never gave up on their ritual of walking to The Roasted Bean and cooking dinner together every evening.

But lately, things had been far from ideal. It had started with small fights over frivolous issues. But soon, issues like bed linen and food choices gave way to stronger, more ideological differences of opinion. After months of late-night screaming, broken dishes, and repeated complaints from neighbours, there was hardly anything left for them to do together.

“Ed, I am done with you,” Lily sighed, as they sat at their favourite spot at The Roasted Bean—perhaps, for one last time. It was an enchanting view of the lush green valley from a large window at the farthest corner of the café. Hiding behind the giant walls of their egos, neither of them spoke barring occasional frowns and cold stares. After all, the wounds of recent arguments were still fresh.

The awkward silence was broken by a sudden commotion. Lily and Ed were startled out of their wits as the sound of gunshots and people screaming filled the air. “Nobody move! Hands in the air!” roared a man in a mask, as he fired another bullet in the air to grab everyone’s attention. Lily and Ed ducked down, petrified, coming to terms with the fact that they were hostages in an armed robbery.

The masked man held a 9 mm revolver, but his cold and bloodthirsty eyes were what scared people. A man in his early 40s tried to pin him, but his movements were slow and gawky. “Picked the wrong day to become a hero,” the robber pointed his gun at the man. Standing at the robber’s blindside, Ed jumped on him, but to no avail. Infuriated, the robber fired yet another bullet that grazed Ed. Everyone froze.

Moments later, the robber was on the floor, unconscious, the hostages looking at each other, puzzled yet relieved. All eyes turned toward Lily who stood like a warrior with a taser in her hand. The room filled with applause. Lily walked toward Ed. “Thank God, nothing happened to you. I am so happy you are fine. And, I am not done with you just yet,” Lily smiled.


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