tail and tapped her paws

When love paws at you

Could Lilly's void in Keith's life ever be filled? Could Keith find a new companion? Read on.

It was a bright, sunny morning. The school buses made their way with giggling kids on board. The men and women in the neighbourhood went about their routine—some busy cleaning their cars and bikes, others taking a leisurely walk in the park with their pets, and a few enthusiastic folks indulging in the good old morning gossip.

It was a regular morning. However, for Keith, it was a gloomy day. He missed the mornings when Lilly was still around. She loved watching kids go to school, wagging her tail as they’d passed her by.

But now with Lilly gone, these moments were filled with deep sadness and a void nothing seemed to fill.

Everything at home reminded Keith of the loveable furball. Fur all over the house, Lilly’s blanket on the couch, little paw marks on the wall, and her chew toys strewn about on the floor. The home that once resonated with her barks and whimpers had fallen silent.

He couldn’t forget the last time he saw her. She was in the hospital bed, looking at him with her trusting eyes as if asking him to be strong, and reassuring him with her unconditional love for the last time.

As soon as he put her down, she darted towards Lilly’s water bowl.

Keith knew he had to be strong, but the pain of losing Lilly just wouldn’t go away. Forgetting her wasn’t going to be easy. After all, Lilly was his world.

That day, as he made his way to the kitchen, he heard faint whimpering outside the window. In the middle of the road was a tiny puppy. As Keith walked up to calm the little one, she started wagging her tail and tapped her paws excitedly.

Holding her close, Keith brought the puppy into the house. As soon as he put her down, she darted towards Lilly’s water bowl.

As she slurped away, Keith couldn’t help but smile. This little furball was no different than Lilly. He felt the same unconditional and selfless love he felt when Lilly would lay quietly next to him. He felt the warm comfort that only a dog can provide with the greatest of ease.

Lilly was back. Only this time it was Mila.


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