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While he hugged his daughter and congratulated her for the fantastic achievement, the other members of the family refused to join in.

Preeti was a bright student and had a burning desire to make something of her life. So when she got accepted to one of the top medical colleges in the country, it was both a moment of joy and relief for her.

When she shared the news with her family, her father was over the moon. But while he hugged his daughter and congratulated her, the other members of the family refused to join in.

Some were concerned about her safety. How will she live all alone in a new city? Some were worried about other things. What if she comes under the influence of bad habits? And others wanted her to get married instead.

But Preeti’s father knew what she was capable of and trusted her to make the right choices in life. When he dropped her off at the station, she promised to work hard and become the best doctor in her field.

Years went by, and Preeti went on to become a renowned cardiac surgeon. Living in a big city with her husband and two daughters, she had everything one could ask for. The only thing she didn’t have was her father, who had died in an accident when she was still in college.

One day, Preeti was in her office when she received a call from a relative. Her uncle had suffered a massive stroke and needed surgery. This was the same person who had wanted her to quit studying and get married.

The surgery was a success. Preeti visited her uncle regularly in the days that followed to ensure his recovery was on track. But her uncle couldn’t work up the nerves to talk to her.

On the day he got discharged from the hospital, he left her a note. It said, “I am sorry. We all are proud of you.”

With tears in her eyes, she looked up with gratitude and said, “Thank you, Papa.”


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