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Bhakti Marga

We are passing through Kaliyuga—the age of evil. In this Yuga, the easiest path is Bhakti Marga—the path of devotion. Bhakti yoga—the way of love, is the most universal and the most direct way to God. Love will discover the unity of all beings, the unity of all creation—the spiritual unity that is behind all the universe. Kindle the light of love in your heart. Surrender yourself to the Lord with utter faith. “O Lord, accept me as I am,” is what the aspirant sings. “Hari, main jaiso taiso tero.” Compared with other ways, the Bhakti Marga appears open, spontaneous, direct and joyous. In its ecstasy, one can actually merge with God.

What this path requires is love and faith of the highest order—entreating God, surrendering oneself, seeking His forgiveness for our sins and evil deeds, beseeching His acceptance of our love, addressing Him as mother and father, pleading with Him to cleanse our minds and hearts of the accumulated filth of multiple births. This path is the path of love, for love is not an attribute of God, love is God, and God is love. By expanding our capacity to love we can get nearer to God. Love for the Lord should become the magnificent obsession of our lives. Awake or asleep, this love should be vibrant and make us cry out, “I love you God, I want to love you more and more. I want to love you more than anything else in the world.”

The mark of true devotion—bhakti—is utter humility. Whenever and wherever a bhakta calls out to the Lord from the depth of his heart, with an intense yearning, the Lord responds without delay. He appears before the devotee, fulfilling their wishes.


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