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Bring more awareness to your action


If you go on thinking ‘about’, you miss the whole life. Thinking becomes smoke; everything moves into it and everything is finished.

And action becomes impossible because action is direct, and thinking is indirect. They never meet.

This is the problem in the world. People who think, never act; and people who don’t think, go on acting. The world is in misery. People who are fools, go on acting because they never think, they jump in everything. Hitlers and Napoleons, and Maos, they go on doing things, and wise people, the so-called thinkers–Aristotle, or Kant, or Hegel–they go on thinking, they never do anything.

The problem for a man who is seeking reality is how to stop the vicious circle of thinking, yet be aware. Because fools also don’t think, but they are not aware.

Be aware–the energy that moves into thinking should become awareness. Consciousness that goes on in a vicious circle with thinking should be retained, purified. Thinking should stop, the whirling of consciousness should stop, but not consciousness. Consciousness should become more crystallised and action should be there, action should not stop.

Thinking is to be renounced, but you are not to become more unaware, more unconscious. You have to become more conscious.

Awareness plus action, and you will attain to reality immediately. And you will create a situation in which others can also attain reality. You will become a milieu, a climate around which things will start happening.

Remember: action is good, thinking is a vicious circle; it never leads anywhere. So thinking has to stop but not action.

You have to become more and more sensitive in your doing. Doing is not to be renounced; action should be totally there, because that is the passage through which you move into reality and the reality moves into you. Try to understand, because this is very basic–basic to me: renounce thinking, don’t renounce action.

There are people who go on thinking, and there are people who go on renouncing action. But in the Himalayas what will they do? Then the whole energy, not moving in action, will move into thinking. They will become great philosophers. But philosophy is a fool’s land; you live in words, not in realities. Love disappears, only the word ‘love’ is retained. God disappears, because he was there in the fields, in the market, in the world, but the word ‘God’ is retained. Actions disappear, only concepts are carried. Your head becomes your whole being.

Thinking is to be renounced, but you are not to become more unaware, more unconscious. You have to become more conscious.

This is the whole art of meditation: how to convert the energy that was moving into thinking to become awareness.

Excerpted from Hsin Hsin Ming: The Book of Nothing by Osho

Osho is known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, with an approach to meditation that acknowledges the accelerated pace of contemporary life.


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