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Meditation is attaining awareness

Meditation is the best way to attain self-knowledge which is perhaps the highest ‘knowledge’ that man can aspire to. By self-knowledge, I do not mean a SWOT analysis of your personality—but an introduction to your true self. When you know yourself, you realise your potential and widen your possibilities. Therefore, meditation can also be an effective instrument to help you transform your life by enriching your creativity and adding to your sense of harmony and happiness.

Meditation is neither strenuous nor difficult nor complicated. When it is practised under proper guidance, it is a peaceful, relaxing process that helps ease the stress of the body and mind. Therefore, meditation is therapeutic even during its earliest stages. It is the best antidote to stress and tension.

Meditation is neither an ‘interior monologue’ nor an inner conversation with yourself. It is not even a system of thought—clarification or seeking a solution to a problem. Rather, it is an effort to achieve a single-minded, one-pointed focus of awareness—what the Gita describes as ekagrata.

Meditation is not emptying the mind of all thoughts—for that is impossible for us to achieve. Rather, through meditation, we try to focus our mind on a single point or object which will enable us to reach deeper into our super-consciousness. In this process of unitary focus, relief is automatically brought to the mind from its habitual stresses, strains, and tensions.

Meditation is a process of self-awakening through which we connect ourselves to God.

Meditation disciplines the mind, sharpens concentration, and improves memory. It also energises the body and mind. Thus, modern medical practitioners have begun to use it as an effective aid in healing and therapy.

Meditation also helps the mind to relate to our inner instinct—intuition, as it is called. This connection aids our creativity and innovative thinking. Thus, meditation is a systematic method of tapping human brilliance.

Meditation is a process of self-awakening through which we connect ourselves to God. Dhyana Yoga, as it is called is nothing but establishing our rightful union with God, as God’s children. It enables us to be receptive to God’s voice, which can only be heard in inner stillness. In His voice is true wisdom; in His message to us is true peace. Meditation leads us on to this divine peace.

Meditation is not the same as reflection, contemplation, or introspection—though all of these may be useful aids in preparing for meditation. Some people even spend hours with closed eyes, fantasising or staring vacantly with open eyes, daydreaming. These are certainly not to be confused with meditation.

Some people describe meditation as an art; others call it a science. It would be truer to say that it is a process or a technique by which we link ourselves with the highest state of “awareness” or “consciousness” that we can reach.

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