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Of such is the kingdom

He that is humble shall reign. To enter the Kingdom, thou must become as a little child.

Pride: its secret is misappropriation. The vitality within thee—of mind, heart, and soul—is a flow from the divine shakti. To claim the vitality as thine own, apart from the divine as its source and sustaining Spirit, is pride. Is it not a common and conspicuous sin of modern life?

Love, if thou wilt lives in the Kingdom. And there is no love without humility. No ascent without descent! Be humble to grow in the Spirit. Humility is the motto of wisdom. And these two, wisdom and love, are the laws of the Kingdom.

Humility is born of consciousness of the living presence of the Lord of love. Pride is due to loss of memory. Pride and forgetfulness go together. If thou wilt remembers thine original home, it thou wilt apprehend thine inner divinity, thou wilt be humble. The one continual prayer of the humble man is: “Not to me, but to Thee, O Lord!” To Him belongs all glory, for He is the living original of the true, the good, the beautiful.

Self-abnegation is necessary, for not until thou deny the lower, empirical, illusory, egoistic self mayst thou be reborn in the divine self.

Not without reason does the Gita teach: “Whatsoever thou eatest, whatsoever thou doest, do it unto Me!” Self-abnegation is necessary, for not until thou deny the lower, empirical, illusory, egoistic self mayst thou be reborn in the divine self. And the Kingdom of the Lord belongeth to the regenerated, the rejuvenated, the reborn, the twice-born.

Pride is misappropriation. Pride is theft. When thou has ahankara, thou dost steal to thyself the glory which does not belong to thee. It belongs to the divinity within thee. Pride is the fertile source of man’s steady fall into matter, his materialism, his dissociation from the divine, the spiritual, the atmic. And the more he falls into materialism, the more he moves in a world of maya, a world of false standards, false judgments, false values.

Humility gives clearer vision, for humility takes the seeker into a new atmosphere. And not until thou wilt sit as a child before the Spirit, its secrets—the divine mysteries—speak to thee. Here is a sure mark of him who has touched the divine depths of life: he is lowly yet moves about with a strange dignity. He is poor yet asks for nothing. He has humility beautifully blended with energy. He has reduced himself to the level of the dust, but that dust reveals the divinity.

Blessed are the humble, for they become instruments of the ancient who is the One Worker as, indeed, He is the immanent Spirit of cosmic evolution.


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