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Ancient Indian Scriptures

Relevance of ancient Indian scriptures: Beyond mind’s conception


So, sloka 3 in Kena Upanishad answers the question but answers it in such a way that you cannot consider it to be an answer. Because one must find out, and not be spoon-fed. Any kind of spoon-fed knowledge is second-hand information that has nothing much to do with myself, therefore, is of no use to me, especially regarding my own Self. So, therefore, sloka 3 says Na tatra caksur gacchati na vag gacchati no manah. That which we are speaking about—that self, the ‘who’—who is behind all this that’s going on, who is the chief of the circus that’s going on; that self, can we reach it? Yes and no.

Why ‘no’? Because, Na tatra caksur gacchati na vag gacchati no manah. There, that neither the eye can see, that the eye cannot reach—‘na vag gacchati’—nor can there be a proper verbal description of it, because it defeats all descriptions; because it is the description-less supreme reality; because it is the definition-less supreme reality which cannot be defined by any words when one has found it. Therefore, one cannot define such a being.

Defining such a being is difficult because his mind has now ascended to the indefinable, all-pervading part that, of course, is in and out and can be tapped. Great sages have said it’s more than any known nuclear energy. But you cannot find it—neither with your eyes, nor with words, nor can even the mind conceive of it. Anything that the mind can conceive of, label and put in the memory cannot be ‘that’. Having said ‘That even the mind cannot reach it’, ‘mind cannot conceive of it,’ anything the mind can conceive of can only be memory and this cannot be made into a memory and put into a little drawer which can be opened when you want, checked and then shut again. Since it is ever new, even the mind cannot reach this ‘self’, this ‘who’.

Having said this, the Teacher says, unlike many teachers who say that we have the secret of that supreme reality in our pockets, so you put your money in and get the secret out in half a second, the rishi says, Na vidmo na vijanimo yathaitad anusisyat. He declares, I am myself confused as to how to teach this to you since it is so difficult to teach because even the mind cannot reach it. How do I express this to you? How do I get this through to you in a manner that you understand?


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