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What is accuracy?

What is accuracy?

Accuracy is being in the right place at the right time; it is moving from a position of silence to a position of speech at the right time; moving from participation to withdrawal, from work to play, from laughter to thought, from colour to plainness, all of these at the right time.

Accuracy is that most delicate point of transition from one thing to another. Accuracy gives form to all those deep feelings that fill life. It enables them to be expressed as they should be, with coherence and power. It ensures that nothing goes too far or is overdone.

It is a gentle control, not as obvious as discipline because discipline generally inspires action whereas accuracy keeps a check on it but is every bit as important. Accuracy comes from knowing how to live spiritually in a material world, how to make the meeting point between mind and matter a happy and precise one.

An accurate person knows, therefore, how to retain health, because they never push themselves too far, but also how to avoid weakness. They understand the subtlest effects of thought on the machinery of the body, understand the relationship between what comes into the mind and what the lips speak, between what is touched by the hands and what the actions are.

Each meeting point holds a secret. Accuracy understands that. Accuracy doesn’t come from forcing matter into a state of order, nor forcing yourself into silence because you know that you shouldn’t speak.

It is not a panic inside which suddenly brings a blocking against expression and says, “Don’t!” It is the strength to retain depth and stillness inside so that you approach each second with respect, slowly in the right way.

If you move too fast, you miss the meeting point between things and become like the hare who scampered but lost the race. It is safer to be a tortoise.

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