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Indulge your wanderlust: 7 reasons to travel often

When you travel, you feel more present and connected to the outside world and become more aware of what’s happening around you.

When was the last time you travelled to a different city or a country? Travelling for work is one thing but what about taking a vacation just to relax? For many, it has been a long time. For almost two years, the coronavirus outbreak had put a spanner in the works for people around the world. No one could travel anywhere. This being said, the importance of travelling didn’t lose its meaning. Now, since that the number of cases has reduced and the authorities have reopened their borders, people are planning to travel once again.

When you travel, you feel more present and connected to the outside world and become more aware of what’s happening around you. You socialise with others, learn about new cultures, taste authentic cuisines—you feel alive when you travel. It changes your perception of life. Moreover, the mental peace you get while travelling is unrivalled. Packing your bags already? Wait, there’s more! Read on to know the importance of travelling and why you should travel at least once a year.

Helps clear the mental clutter

We are so busy in our day-to-day lives that our mind is always occupied with something or the other. Whether it’s an assignment at work or buying groceries, endless thoughts fight for our attention all the time. No wonder we often forget about things, struggle to stay focused, and find some me-time to relax and unwind. The clutter in our minds keeps us from thinking clearly. This is why the importance of travelling cannot be undermined as it allows us to go somewhere where we can put our thoughts to rest.

Travelling allows us to escape from our daily routine and helps us clear our minds. We are essentially away from everything that keeps us occupied. The only things that matters are our journey and destination. The rest of the worries and stress vanish into thin air. So, whenever you get a chance, travel to rediscover your inner peace.

Expands your horizons

When you travel to an unfamiliar place, you see things you’ve never seen before. This develops a sense of wonder and expands your horizon. You realise there’s more to the world than what you have seen on the internet or read about in books. You discover that your opinions and preconceived notions are just generalisations, which do not apply to everyone you meet. Travelling raises many thought-provoking questions and compels you to question your assumptions. So, travel even if it is for just once a year. You will never look at life the same way again.

Discover new cultures

Though social media has connected us to people from different parts of the globe, there is still so much we don’t know about the world. Travelling once in a while gives you the opportunity to experience new cultures first hand. It means trying out foods you’ve never tasted before, following the local tradition, and learning their way of life. This may come as a surprise to you initially. But if you open yourself up and come out of your shell, it can truly be once in a lifetime experience. You will discover things about yourself that may even amaze you.

Boosts your ability to think out of the box

Your ability to think creatively comes from new and exciting experiences. But if the most exciting part of your day is the daily commute or the office gossip, coming up with new ideas or thinking out of the box can be hard. This is why you should travel at least once a year. When you are travelling, you learn new things, meet with locals, and eat exotic foods. All these exciting experiences open up your mind and you begin to see things in a new light. Professor and author, Adam Galinsky says, “A creativity-enhancing ‘psychological transformation’ can occur when people work to adapt themselves to a new culture.”

Increases your social network

Travelling is an excellent way to build relations with new people, whether locals at your destination or your fellow travellers. It is a whole new experience when you talk to them and get to know them. Their stories will fascinate you and the conversations will keep you engaged as you would’ve met for the first time. Who knows you may even find someone special on your trip. When you return from your vacation, you will have learned something from them and they from you. This may even be a start of a new friendship.

Let’s you create a lifetime of memories

Whether you travel solo, with friends or with your family, taking a trip somewhere gives you a chance to create memories that can last a lifetime. If you are travelling alone, going to a new destination will be like an adventure. Managing things on your own may give you a bit of a headache but this will make you fearless and you’ll start believing in yourself more.

Travelling with friends will give you the most cherished memories to laugh about later. You’ll not just have fun but also push each other to try out new things—things that can help you overcome your fear. It will surely be something that you’ll look back with fondness. Taking a vacation with your family will bring you closer to them. It may be chaotic but the memories that you’ll create will be invaluable.

Makes you love your home even more

You go on a vacation to take a break from your usual routine. But only when you are away, you realise that your daily routines are what keep your life in order. Travelling makes you value the security and comfort of your home. When you return, you will learn to value more of what you have. Even though it may seem that you are back to the same old setting, dealing with the same old problems but you will have a different perspective. You will no longer view them as issues, rather as part of life. Like the author, Wendy Wunder writes in her book The Probability of Miracles, “The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.”


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