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Offbeat travel: 5 reasons you should visit lesser-known places

Offbeat destinations offer solitude, a respite from the noise, and an opportunity to connect with nature and with yourself—something we all need right now.

Everyone wants to click a photo near Eiffel Tower while pretending to hold its tip. Or visit the marvellous forts of Jaipur that tell the stories of history. Or swim across the Australian coast, in the Great Barrier Reef, and forget about the world outside. Every year, people around the world flock to popular destinations to relax and make memories. It helps them get away from the commotion of their daily lives and see the world that exists outside their time zone.

Famous destinations, however, don’t always offer what you are looking for. They are often crowded and loud. The past two years, when travel was prohibited, changed our outlook towards various destinations. Now, safety and tranquillity are what many people prefer over popular destinations. According to a joint survey by Airbnb and YouGov, several Indians are looking to “explore nature getaways and offbeat locations”. Offbeat destinations offer solitude, a respite from the noise, and an opportunity to connect with nature and with yourself—something we all need right now.

Let’s take a closer look into the various benefits offbeat destinations offer and why they can be the ‘next big thing’ in the post-pandemic world.

Live in the moment

With cheap airline tickets and options for accommodations, it’s easy to visit your dream destination now more than ever. Thousands of people travel to places on their bucket lists. But these destinations seldom offer any peace of mind. You will be rubbing shoulders with countless people as you try to find a quiet place to sit and relax. The streets will be flooded with vendors, fellow tourists, and cabs and vehicles and you will always have to be on your toes.

Offbeat destinations are hardly ever crowded. At such places, you don’t have to worry about finding a quiet place or crossing a street buzzed with commotion. You can soak up the sun, enjoy the breeze, find calmness, and above all, live in the moment.

Find solace

Life, in general, has become fast and loud, owing to traffic, daily responsibilities, and technology. Whether it’s the sound of the vacuum cleaner in the morning, cars honking, or employees chit-chatting, noise has become part of our lives. Not just at home but across several tourist destinations as well noise chases us like a shadow.

In an effort to find silence and solace, various tourists travel to offbeat destinations. Just switch off your phone or put it on silent mode, and enjoy the view. No more honking or crowded streets. The only sound you will hear will be of birds chirping, water flowing in downstream, and wind blowing in the nearby field. Having an experience like this can remove all the stress lines on your forehead and rejuvenate your tired soul.

Experience nature

Every year, we make plans to embrace nature to reap its therapeutic rewards and discover inner peace. But in life’s hustle and bustle, we often forget about it. The free time we do get, we spend it visiting beaches we already went to last year or before that. Think about it, when was the last time you went for a walk in nature just to relax and have a breath of fresh air? It has been a long time, right? Travelling to an offbeat destination where nature thrives can make up for the lost time. Find a place where you can feel the cold breeze on your face as you walk across a meadow; where sunshine wakes you up and twilight puts you to sleep.

Learn about new cultures

Books can give you the theoretical knowledge of places but without travelling, you can never know what it really feels like to visit a different place. Different not just in terms of looks but in culture, cuisine, language—in terms of every fabric of a community. The thing about culture is, to know about it intimately, you should travel to offbeat places instead of more conventional tourist spots. Talk to locals and hear their stories. Taste food you haven’t tasted before and learn about their language as much as you can. When you travel to an offbeat destination, you get to see and experience how the locals actually live their lives.

Rediscover yourself 

One big reason why people travel is to rediscover themselves. As strange as it may sound, living an urban life can make you forget who you are. What you like and what you don’t, what tickles your funny bone and what makes you angry, what your inner voice wants to say and what you have been doing all along. A trip to an offbeat destination can help you find all the answers you need to find happiness.

Introspection requires quietness. Your mind should be at rest if you wish to hear your inner voice. There shouldn’t be any signs of worry or stress that can keep inner peace from taking over. An offbeat destination can offer everything you need to find solace and quiet so your mind can fly and help you find things about yourself, which you may have forgotten.


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