#BreakTheBias – International Women’s Day

March 8, 1975 was when the world celebrated its first official #InternationalWomensDay.

Since that historic day, people have come together the world over to raise the banner of equality and bring down the biases against women. A lot has changed over the years, but there’s need for more.

Equality and justice are two of the greatest 21st-century goals. And not just women, but all genders deserve and strive to be free of biases and judgement.

This International Women’s Day, let’s stand in solidarity, #CrossOurArms and #BreakTheBias

Special thanks to Chandana Bala Kalyan, Shikha Shah, Mame Khan, Inshah Bashir, Reena Bhanot, Sujata Iyer, Mohammad Shams Aalam Shaikh, Leela Devi, Pradeep Sangwan, Akanksha Pant, Neelam Khatri, Apurva Bhandari, Vishala Aradhya, Arundathi Somaiah, Manali Mathur, Krishna Sreerambhatla, Poonam Bir Kasturi, Javed Chaudhry, Shirley Parashar for supporting this initiative.


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