Caring for the planet you live in, is in your own interest – It’s your only home.

Nature gives you back what you give to it. And this Planet Blue has gifted mankind with the bouty of nature. It is up to us to appreciate it, nurture it, and protect it for future generations. However, the planet is in grave danger today due to reckless actions of humankind. And it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to wake up and take action for the climate, for nature and for the planet. It would do us good to remember that

caring for this planet is not a theory that looks fancy on paper but the spirit with which our planet can continue to amaze us and shine.

Let’s so something today for our planet Earth – it is our only home!

Music credits:

Song: Porcelain by Moby

Cover rendition by Fabian Valenzuela




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