Get Over Obstacles to Find Your Life's Purpose

Overcome obstacles in the pursuit of your life’s purpose

Once we know our life purpose, any obstacle or hurdle can be swiftly overcome, simply by embracing the reality of the situation and going ahead with optimism.

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it isn’t okay, it isn’t the end.”  My favourite author Paulo Coelho’s wrote these profound lines that always linger in my head whenever I find myself staring at a stumbling block. I understand that obstacles are a way of life. We may wish our life was a cakewalk, but surely enough, there comes a hurdle now and then which needs to be crossed to pursue our life purpose.

It is known that each of us get up in the morning to serve our life’s purpose, whether knowingly or otherwise. Someone may be serving a life purpose of dutifully and efficiently completing professional work. Someone else might be fulfilling their responsibilities towards their loved ones. For others, a social responsibility or fulfilling a spiritual cause may be the ultimate purpose of life.

It is natural that one’s behaviour, decisions, short-term and long-term goals are majorly influenced by the life purpose chosen. For a child, finding happiness in every little pursuit is her purpose. As we grow up, we begin to set different goals and fulfil a variety of responsibilities. However, the core idea still remains to find happiness through our purpose in life, which can be defined as the guided direction towards which our life sails.

It is important to remember that your purpose of life is unique and entirely different from your friend’s or sibling’s or even parents’. Also, it might keep changing and adjusting to ever evolving life situations. Most importantly, once you have figured out your life purpose, it is equally important to know how to overcome obstacles coming your way.

We list a few ways to help you overcome obstacles in the pursuit of your life purpose.

Dedicate yourself to the purpose

Once you understand your life purpose, your behaviour and decisions will be majorly influenced by it. Learn to be truthful and focused to it as it will give you unflinching strength and motivation to stand like a rock during adverse moments. When you know clearly, without any ambiguity in your mind, about the purpose that you are serving, an obstacle will only seem like a challenge that you must overcome in your pursuit.

Maintain your calm

Any hurdle can be crossed with the help of a trained mind which knows how to calm itself. The best tool to handle a crisis is a calm mind. With calmness, we remain self-aware and in control of our emotions. So if an unforeseen situation arises, we are able to take control of our reactions after the initial upheaval or unrest. Most importantly, many new solutions to counter the situation arise when we treat crisis calmly.

During worst, use your creativity to the best

I know of a woman from California who was facing tremendous pressure in her job. One weekend, she reached home completely stressed and drained out. She decided to put in her papers and simultaneously, made a website to take orders for authentic Kashmiri cuisine items. There were apprehensions in her mind but she decided to follow her instinct. Her hard work, coupled with passion and consistency helped her gain orders beyond her expectations. Similar to her, many homemakers have erected successful businesses through their life skills and expertise earned at home. Many others have turned into acclaimed authors when they met with life-jolting experiences.

A calm and creative mind provides innovative ways to overcome obstacles. Unleashing your creativity in unfavourable situations may just be the best way to overcome impediments. Each one of us is endowed with unique traits and a crisis situation is where creativity is often put to best use.

Work out a plan

Once you are pursuing your purpose, your goals should align with it.  Whether these are short-term or long-term goals, each one should reflect your commitment towards your life’s purpose. Journaling is one of the best ways to devise plans or goals for the day or for a longer period. It not only makes your approach methodical and efficient; you are also able to choose relevant over irrelevant.

Cut the clutter

Often, certain situations, activities and people drain us of our time, energy and focus. Pursuing a life of purpose demands that we invest our time and attention wisely, cutting through the clutter.

Remaining focused on what and who makes us more productive and makes us inch closer to our life purpose is not a self-centred decision. It is important to minimise the distractions, limit or even forego social media. Similarly, spending time with those who themselves are not committed or aligned with your life purpose is a drainage of your time and energy.

Find humour, there is enough around

A life committed to a purpose does not imply living a serious life. In fact, finding humour at every step is one of the most effective and creative ways to dissolve and address alarming situations. When you start laughing it off, it becomes strikingly easier. To err is to be human – accepting a mistake on a light-hearted note will make it easy on your heart and mind. Rather than stressing it out, finding humour in difficult situations will make you march ahead with confidence rather than getting stuck unnecessarily.

Accept and embrace

While we are making our own plans, life throws challenges at us. Mostly things happen beyond our control, so why not graciously accept situations and move ahead. Embracing life in totality, with bouquets and brickbats, is the way forward. With a set life purpose, there is no scope for sulking at the various hurdles cropping up now and then. When you are committed to a meaningful cause, you can always find your way forward.

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey,” said Kenji Miyazawa, the Japanese novelist and devout Buddhist. A meaningful life of purpose will always be able to overcome obstacles and carve a way ahead based on learnings through these hurdles.


What is the significance of knowing your life purpose?

Knowing your life purpose gives direction and meaning to your actions and decisions. It helps you stay focused and committed to your chosen path, allowing you to overcome obstacles in pursuit of your life purpose.

How can a calm mind help overcome obstacles?

A calm mind is a powerful tool in handling obstacles. It enables self-awareness and emotional control, allowing you to respond to crises with clarity and composure.

How can creativity aid in overcoming obstacles?

Creativity can be a valuable asset in overcoming obstacles. During challenging situations, a creative mind can devise innovative solutions and alternative approaches.




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