The motley canvas of nature

The motley canvas of nature

The sound of rain, walking on grass, water springs are a few of several gifts nature has bestowed upon us. Let's look at them closely.

There is something magical about being amidst nature. The comforting smell of fresh air, the vastness of the blue sky, the sight of yellow mangoes against dark green foliage, the music of a gurgling brook and the pregnant silence of deep dark jungles–all seem to cast their magic on us, temporarily fixing everything that is wrong with our world.

A plethora of field studies and research has already made it amply clear that spending time in nature cures anxiety, stress and general depression associated with the drudgery of daily life. But while we are well-versed with the fact that trees and plants are crucial to our existence–they exhale oxygen and suck in carbon dioxide–we conveniently forget the small pleasures and elixirs of life that nature bestows on us, free of cost.

Take a walk with some of the most brilliant gifts of nature that cannot be replicated.


A long dry spell broken by the first rain emanates a scent like no other. Called petrichor–which is also the enticing smell after a storm–it evokes euphoria in every person who experiences it. How often have we thought of bottling up that gorgeous smell to keep forever? Alas, it can’t be done.

Walking on grass

Walking barefoot on grass, sand or soil is one of the greatest pleasures of being alive. While there are innumerable health benefits of walking on fresh, dewy grass, people have been doing it for the simple pleasure of it.

In the wild, time stands still. The feeling of standing on a mountain top, by the river side or in front of an ocean is divine.

Sounds of nature

Crashing of waves. Rustling of leaves. Chirping of crickets. Call of birds.

Lost in the madness of urbanisation, these heavenly sounds are much-needed in our lives. So much so that audios of these sounds are available on the internet for those who cannot take the time out to hear them in person.

Disclaimer: The online sounds can’t beat the real thing.

Sights of nature

In the wild, time stands still. The feeling of standing on a mountain top, by the river side or in front of an ocean is divine. Sturdy mountains, steadily flowing rivers, unfathomably vast oceans–all have their own larger-than-life presence that cannot be replaced by anything man-made.

Warm water springs

The earth must have been custom designed for the comfort of man. How else could there exist natural warm water springs? Nature’s very own geyser doesn’t have be switched on half-an-hour before bath time. Sheer joy!

A warm sunny day after days of torrential rains can uplift even the worst of moods, or just the right amount of drizzle on a scalding hot day can lead to a journey of memorable moments. Similarly, a cool breeze can be refreshing or a certain smell can bring back some of our most cherished memories.

There is no denying that nature affects us on multiple levels. And, even though its physical and mental benefits have become fairly evident–the smaller and effortless pleasures of nature remain hidden in plain sight.

Nature continues to dominate our lives in sublime, but highly impactful ways. All its gifts have been given to us on a silver platter, albeit under cover.

We just need to know where to look.




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