Power of Meditation for Mental Peace

Unlocking your inner wisdom: The power of meditation

Meditation is the gateway to your inner wisdom thats waiting to be explored and put to good use. Connect with it and reap its multi-pronged benefits.

The computer or the device that you use for most part of the day – for work, for connecting with others, for reading, listening to music and even keeping track of your fitness journey – may as well have become an extension of your life. Equipped with exceedingly high processing speeds yet only a device when confronted with too many commands in one go. Too many actions or storing unnecessary information tend to make it slow, non-performing and sometimes, make it crash. After multiple failed attempts to fix it, you ultimately shut it down to start the device again.

This is also what your brain does, when inundated with numerous thoughts. Quietly shutting down your inner self from unwarranted disturbances, thoughts and feelings, and connecting with your wisdom is what meditation allows you.

Deepen relationship with self

Meditation is an excellent practice to unlock your inner wisdom. Inner wisdom is the innate desire to be aware and stay connected with your inner guidance. By connecting with your inner wisdom, you are able to access the full power of your mind by moving beyond your conscious mind. It helps you to be creative beyond imagination and instil positivity in your thoughts and actions. Inner wisdom can become your most important ally if you can make it an integral part of your decision making.

Meditation benefits you in doing so as it is a technique used to develop awareness of the present moment. It helps you to integrate your mind and body, calming you and connecting with your inner voice in moments of mental quietude.

Power of meditation

The benefits of meditation include bringing a sense of calm to you. It focusses on your emotional wellbeing by acknowledging your inner voice amidst stressful external situations – like losing a loved one or getting stuck with no socializing like we faced during the covid 19 pandemic.

The power of meditation unlocks your inner wisdom, keeping you focused on the present, helping you manage stress, sleep better and reduce the clutter of overthinking.

The biggest benefit of meditation lies in clearing the information overload that builds stress on you on a daily basis. Doing meditation helps remove all the obstacles in achieving self-awareness, taking you on a path to connect to your inner wisdom.

Increase the scope of benefits

When you start meditating regularly, you will realise that inner wisdom is your bridge to happiness and fulfilment. You attain a happy mental state by prioritising and achieving your immediate needs. But you need to focus on your long term purpose of fulfilment by achieving and standing true to your value system. This delicate balance of short and long term needs is difficult to achieve without the help of your inner wisdom.

This balancing act prompts you to seek fulfilment and not just happiness alone. Recognising and giving due importance to your long term goals improves your decision-making and enhances the scope of benefits accrued over life.  This inner power once activated, can heal negative emotions and memories by anchoring your inner strengths.

Inner guidance, the ultimate of meditation benefits, makes you a socially productive contributor by making you the person who also considers the needs of others.

Manage yourself better

Inner wisdom acts like a counterweight to your flow of emotions and that can be a good thing sometimes. It restricts your reactions in provocative situations like in a road rage, and nudges you out of a spiral of worries and overthinking when faced with a disappointment.

Do you remember the anxiety of appearing for your board examinations? The criticality of the results for your career must have given you jitters. Having an inner voice helps in such situations because it knows better than to worry over a difficult circumstance or spend too much.

Remember that your inner self represents your true reflection that is not influenced by the outside world and its constraints. This becomes even more crucial in the current era of social media, where one’s virtual image tends to controls one’s mind and actions. However with your inner self guiding you through, you become emotionally aware and are able to manage yourself better with constant inflow of wise thoughts and ideas.

Accept uncertainty

Life and your relationships can sometimes present an ambiguous scenario, where you do not seem to have enough clarity and certainty. As humans, we do not appreciate uncertain turn of events like farmers waiting for monsoon rains to plant their saplings. The inner wisdom, your store house of past experiences and creative solutions, helps you to overcome this uncertainty, by taking small steps and remaining constructive in taking decisions. This is actually a pursuit of continuous improvement and gaining skills, so that you progress despite uncertainty.

Value diversity more

When meditating regularly helps achieve an emotional balance and the power to embrace uncertainty, you become more tolerant and open to diverse views of life and people.

Inner wisdom, invoked by the power of meditation, inculcates a positive habit of ongoing learning, by asking questions and listening to expand the level of your understanding. Ralph Washington Sockman, a prominent radio personality of America underlined the scope of lifelong learning when he said, “The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.”

Be more considerate towards others

Meditation benefits you in more ways than just one. By valuing diversity, you make yourself available for understanding the viewpoints of others. This helps develop empathy towards others and improves your ability to cooperate and take effective decisions. The inner wisdom helps you to understand the social impact of your decisions and enlarges the context of your decision.

In moments of distress, like when an argument erupts in the resident welfare meeting, we tend to get enraged which doesn’t help in the long run. The power of empathy instead helps us to focus on the point, find solutions using empathy for others instead of flowing with base emotions.

Envision a long term view of life

American business magnate, Warren Buffet highlighted the importance of being patient and taking a long-term view of any decision or investment one makes when he stated, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Inner wisdom guides you to plant and grow a long term view of life, helping you to reap innumerable benefits over the course of your life.

Moreover, if your inner wisdom is unlocked to its potential, meditation rewards you with longevity by reducing your stress levels, bringing balance in your life, helping you navigate uncertain times and making you a socially productive person. This also helps lower fear and anxiety, improves immunity and adds to your wellbeing.




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