5 books you must not miss reading in 2023

Reading goals: 5 most anticipated self-help books for 2023

Whatever phase of life you are in, a self-help book by your bedside will always enrich and enhance your vision. As we grapple with a new set of challenges in the brand new year, we recommend a relevant line-up of some great self-help books.

Whether you are a book-aficionado or planning to plunge into reading only now, the year 2023 can open some wonderful doors for you. The brand new year has a line-up of impressive self-help books that will not just enhance your reading but will help transform and uplift your life.

The world now tackles multiple crises that impact each one of us somewhere. A recently ended pandemic, war, recession and social malpractices like sexism have major impact on both our internal and external environments as does the increased invasion of technology in our lives. Fortunately, 2023 is unveiling books which address our wellbeing with respect to many of these relevant issues.

This is the best time of the year to curl up on a bed with a steaming cup of frothy hot chocolate and read one of these recommended self-help books that are releasing soon. Here, Soulveda lists 5 most anticipated self-help books in the new year.

The Way of Nagomi: The Japanese Philosophy of Finding Balance and Peace in Everything You Do by Ken Mogi

Life keeps throwing challenges at one and all. Even when it all seems smooth, a googly comes from some part of our life that leaves us flabbergasted. How can we adapt to life’s various ups and downs without getting stressed? Ken Mogi, the neuroscientist from Japan presents nagomi – a philosophy of balance which can be the secret to a harmonious life. This is a wisdom seeped in Japanese history and culture which encourages happy relationships with loved ones even in times of disagreement. Mogi’s book, The Way of Nagomi: The Japanese Philosophy of Finding Balance and Peace in Everything You Do talks about soaking in the preciousness of the natural world without damaging, making efforts towards improvement while accepting imperfections and striking a balance to achieve calm.

A sense of ease, emotional balance and calmness is what nagomi stands for. Ken Mogi advocates in his book how to find a sense of internal peace no matter what is going on in one’s life. The stress emanating out of various life situations often throws life out of gear. This self-help book, which could be the first release in its genre, tells us how to put the mind back at ease even when life is undergoing turmoil.

Microjoys by Cyndie Spiegel

Post pandemic, there are many amongst us who are rebuilding their lives. Many people suffered devastating losses, be it the passing of loved ones or unexpected financial burdens. But even without witnessing a pandemic, life tends to be challenging in particular phases, especially when failures supersede achievements. In times like these, sorrow, grief, sadness tend to replace cheer, joy and laughter.

To make sense of such times, the author of The Year of Positive Thinking brings an emphatic collection of soothing essays. Cyndie Spiegel’s new book Microjoys is about little joys of life that bring great happiness in one’s life. For instance, have you ever paused at a cuckooing bird in your neighbourhood tree? Listened to the unbridled laughter of a child who has not learnt to speak? Or appreciated the aroma of freshly brewing masala tea in your kitchen? Indeed, there are innumerable smaller and latent joys for us to discover in life. Like taking out time to simply pause and admire the beauty of neatly cut vegetables, a cute pattern on a baby’s adorable dress, a neatly made flower patterned bed or finding beauty in perceived physical flaws such as freckles or gap teeth.

Microjoys, according to Spiegel, is a subtle and accessible ‘practice of discerning joy in any moment.’ A born story-teller and a writer, Spiegel ignites powerful conversations around little joys that fill our lives with abundant happiness and calm. In turbulent times, this is exactly what is needed to soak in each moment and live it up.

Screaming on the Inside: The Unsustainability of American Motherhood by Jessica Grose

The world is more competitive than ever before. Does that weigh heavily on women too? Yes, most definitely. Women in their myriad roles multi-task at an unbelievable pace, but due to societal conditioning, we seldom talk about the mental health challenges faced by them while carrying out such tasks, childrearing being one of the mammoth ones. While prioritising a child’s need, women often find it challenging to take adequate care of their own physical and mental wellbeing.

New York Times’ opinion writer Jessica Grose explores the unrealistic expectations that contemporary mothers stare at, in her riveting new book, titled Screaming on the Inside: The Unsustainability of American Motherhood. Grose talks about how we superficially look at an ideal and beautiful pregnancy that is Instagram worthy. What we often hide are the numerous mental health problems, including how workplaces are generally unsupportive of mothers’ needs.

This very relevant book brings to the fore the actual turmoil a mother faces when work, family responsibilities and unsupportive bonds create challenging situations.

Hanging Out by Sheila Liming

Isn’t it ironic that while we are talking and chatting a lot, loneliness is engulfing so many of us? As we move more inwards than ever, thanks to a very digitized world with people in the same room glued to the screen, it becomes more and more relevant to hang out together – simply chatting, listening to each other and sharing a few laughs. Sheila Lining, an associate professor of communications and creative media is bringing out the most relevant book in an increasingly technology dependent era, titled Hanging Out.

Liming suggests spending more unstructured time with others as an antidote for the distraction and isolation stemming from digital devices. She defines hanging out as giving oneself the luxury to do nothing much and feel the warmth of the presence of others. Her idea is to connect and bond humanely, which is diminishing in our productivity obsessed society.

Drama Free: A Guide to Managing Unhealthy Family Relationships by Nedra Glover Tawwab

Who you are born with has a huge impact on all aspects of your life. Family can be the biggest blessing or a source of great anguish, if relationships do not progress in a healthy pattern. Nedra Glover Tawwab, the bestselling author of Set Boundaries, Find Peace, will be unveiling her new book, Drama Free: A Guide to Managing Unhealthy Family Relationships in 2023.

Somewhere each one of us can relate to it as relationships affect our lives to a great extent. More importantly, the chaos and challenges faced in relationships take a toll in the entirety of our lives.. In this empowering guide, readers will connect with the clear advice of identifying dysfunctional patterns and choosing the way forward that nourishes instead of hurts. To live life in full bloom and to keep marching ahead, it is crucial to sustain positive relationships and nurture them, and that is exactly what the upcoming book is all about.

So make these self-help books your go to guides in the new year and turn a new leaf with the teachings they share.




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