6 Tips for Book Lovers

Enhance your reading experience: 6 great tips for book lovers

Maximise your learnings from the books that you read by enhancing your reading experience. These tips for book lovers will motivate you to read more, add to your knowledge and wisdom.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic,” states Stephen King, the famous American author, on the relevance of books. Indeed, books open several windows of enlightenment for us. When we read, we renew and update our reservoirs of knowledge and wisdom. As book lovers, reading is our second nature. A day seems incomplete if book lovers do not get their daily dose of reading. Curling up with a book under a soft blanket or sitting with a steaming cup with your favourite book might be the most amazing thing to do even.

Many studies have been conducted which suggest that reading enhances our brain output by widening our horizon, vocabulary and drilling in us new perspectives. Research also states that reading impacts brain waves, enhancing our Emotional Intelligence (EQ). You might feel passive while reading a book but the brain is active, continuously processing new ideas, activities and thought processes described in the book. Consequently, you sub-consciously apply these learnings to your own situations.

As a book lover, you may have constantly want  to read more but at times, you may experience a block. To continue this mentally enriching habit and maximize your take away, you must keep enhancing your reading experience. Soulveda offers simple, doable tips to make your reading enjoyable so that you keep coming back to it again and again.

Take notes

When you are engrossed in a particular book and a brilliant new idea, word or suggestion emerges, it leaves a great impression on your mind. However, since we live in an age of information overload, we often find those great ideas overtaken by other thoughts. To counter this, sitting with an old world ‘diary and pen’ will help you instantly note down the great idea.

If you are tech-savvy and like to read eBooks, you can also take notes in your device. Whatever you prefer, a meticulous approach to pause, reflect and store the nuggets you find from your reading makes the experience more enriching. 

Choose a corner

Dedicate a corner to your books and create a reading space. It need not be fancy or require extra planning. It can simply be a dedicated corner that is peaceful, filled with warmth and has the least amount of distraction. This will be your space, which will remind you of how important reading is. 

This reading place could be overlooking a window to give you time to stare out and internalize what you are reading. If space is a constraint, do not let that hinder your reading; a cosy corner anywhere with your throws, cushions, a warm mug and fairy lights will do the trick for you. Creating a reading corner also allows you you to regularly update your reading list.

Visit a book cafe

For a book lover, the company of the book matters but so does the place. Sitting and reading in the same place repeatedly often leads to monotony and boredom. To spruce up things, try visiting book cafes.

At book cafes, one can explore books at a leisurely pace while munching on one’s favourite snacks or sipping on a hot cappuccino or a tall iced cooler. Doing so improves the reading experience and even gets one hooked on the current story.

Further, if you think your reading is making you too indoor bound, try spending some time in a garden instead. Plan a picnic and read your favourite genre amidst pleasant weather and natural surroundings.

Join a book club

As a book lover, you might be yearning for like-minded people and discussions based on books, especially after finishing a great book. For book aficionados like you, joining a book club is the answer. It will give you a fantastic opportunity to interact with those who are into books, brainstorm with them on the characters, places and titles and even lead you to your next favourite.

With more and more people staying online, numerous virtual book communities on different social media platforms have increasingly come up. While it is a great idea to join a physical book club where you can actually go, read and meet fellow book lovers, choosing any of these two mediums to discuss your thoughts on books is a great way to keep this love blossoming.

Never compete, enjoy your pace

Books are worthy companions and you might always be on the lookout to read more. A good reading experience helps in the want to never give up on this wonderful discipline. However, remember not to rush into finishing one book after another and chasing titles. Follow your own pace of reading. You can even take a break for sometime before diving into another sojourn of reading. This way, you learn to maximize your reading takeaway and minimize any burnout from constant reading.

Move out of your comfort zone

Continuous reading of your favourite genre can be very interesting but at the same time be tiring too. You can feel a sense of monotony set in. Reading different genres and authors exposes you to different perspectives. You may initially find it hard to read through books of different realms but gradually, you adapt. This enhances your reading experience while taking you through a gamut of books of different flavours.

Your takeaway of a message or moral from reading something is more important than counting the number of books you read. Remember, a reading experience should enrich and bust stress. Just like one develops a discipline for physical activity, regular reading helps develop mental alertness. So keep reading and upgrading yourself with each page.


What does reading do to your brain?

Many studies conducted suggest that reading enhances our brain output by widening our horizon, vocabulary and drilling in us new perspectives.

How to create a reading corner?

Dedicate a corner to your books by creating a reading space. It need not be fancy nor does it require ultra planning. Your reading corner should be a peaceful space, with least distraction. It must however be filled with warmth.

What are book clubs for?

Book clubs give you a fantastic opportunity to interact with book lovers, brainstorm with them on characters, places and titles. They also lead you to explore new titles and genres.

How do you combat reading burnout?

You can take a break for some time before you jump into another sojourn of reading. This way, you maximize your reading takeaway and minimize any burnout emerging out of constant reading.




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