Reader's Block

Facing reader’s block? 6 ways to overcome it

Just like writer’s block, reader’s block is a common issue among readers and even bibliophiles experience it from time to time

Reading is one of the best mental exercises that can boost your overall mental health. A well-written novel can add wings to your imagination while an article keeps you up to date with current affairs. However, there are days when reading can feel like a cumbersome chore. You want to read something but you don’t feel like picking up a book. Even if you do, you are unable to go past a few pages because you don’t find it interesting anymore. This phenomenon can be referred to as reader’s block.

Just like writer’s block, reader’s block is a common issue among readers and even bibliophiles experience it from time to time. It can occur due to exhaustion, excessive reading or because you are trying too hard to like what you are reading. Whatever may be the reason, it can trap you in the reader’s block and keep you there for a long time. Thankfully, there are ways to escape and rediscover your love for reading. Let’s take a look at them.

Read something easy

Avoid reading books that are too dense and complex. Let’s say, even if you are accustomed to reading intense books on matters of philosophy or science, consider taking a break and changing your focus to something simpler. Instead, pick up a collection of short stories or a novella, which would be easier to read and digest. Going for something easy can keep you from experiencing reader’s block and even help you overcome it.

Avoid distractions

While many readers enjoy reading e-books on their devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets, they may also create distractions. If you are reading on your smart devices without switching off your notifications, there are high chances that you will get distracted by incoming emails, social media notifications and messages. While the Internet can be a great tool to assist your reading, as you can find out meanings of new words and expressions immediately, it may also take away your attention. To avoid reader’s block, try to read offline and stick to paperbacks. Resist the urge to check messages or scroll your feeds when you have a book in your hands.

Try a new genre

Sometimes, reader’s block happens due to incessantly reading books of the same genre. Let’s say you are a fantasy fiction aficionado and you have read at least 3-4 books in that genre back-to-back in a month. Even the thought of picking up another fantasy fiction book can likely perturb you. You are so overwhelmed that you don’t want to read anything at all. If you experience something similar, try to overcome reader’s block by switching to a different genre. Maybe you can try reading a romantic novel or a sci-fi book. When you explore new genres, you may not only get free from reader’s block but also open up to new avenues of literature.

Listen to an audiobook

Listening to audiobooks has multiple benefits. Not only are audiobooks convenient but they also help you enhance your vocabulary, fluency and creative skills. Listening to an audiobook is good for increasing reading accuracy, comprehension, and it saves time as well. Moreover, if you are tired of reading both paperbacks and ebooks, listening to audiobooks can keep your love for books alive.

Revisit your favourite book

If you are lacking the enthusiasm to read a new book, you can always revisit your old favourites. Pick up something that you can re-read without ever getting bored. You can even pick up a book that initially helped you develop a reading habit. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fairy tale or a children’s book. Once you start re-reading it, you will eventually get back into the habit of reading.

Read comics and graphic novels

Reading comics and graphic novels is always a fun-filled experience. When you are facing reader’s block, you can pick up a comic book or a graphic novel and immerse yourself in engaging visual and mental stimulation. The illustrations in these novels bring the stories alive and help boost your creative thinking. Moreover, the combination of art and text help in memorisation and boosts understanding of artistic imagery.


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