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Reading list: The most anticipated books of 2021

Whether you've promised yourself to read more or simply need an escape from the world around you, this list of the most anticipated books of 2021 will have you covered.

Every year, tons of new books hit the shelves, and 2021 won’t be any different. From dystopian and science fiction to romance and thriller genres, 2021 has something for everyone. This year, celebrated authors such as Salman Rushdie, international bestseller Andy Weir, and Booker Prize finalist Sunjeev Sahota will retake the centre stage with their most anticipated books.

Whether you’re someone who devours a book every week or someone who takes months to finish a novel, one thing is for certain. Time spent on reading is time well spent. After all, reading sharpens your mind, expands your worldview, and helps you evolve as an individual.

If you are an avid reader eagerly awaiting to get your hands on the best books coming this year, here’s our list of the most anticipated books of 2021.

Languages of Truth, by Salman Rushdie

Celebrated storyteller Salman Rushdie has for years kept readers engaged with his literary masterpieces. His latest book—Languages of Truth—to be released in May 2021, includes a collection of non-fiction pieces and essays that never went into print until now. Written between 2003 and 2020, these pieces talk about Rushdie’s engagement with a period of momentous cultural shifts. He also explains what the works of authors such as William Shakespeare, Samuel Beckett, and Toni Morrison mean to him and how they’ve influenced his writing. This is definitely among the most anticipated books of 2021.

Apples Never Fall, by Liane Moriarty

The New York Times bestselling author Liane Moriarty’s latest work has some big shoes to fill in after the astounding global success of her previous titles Truly, Madly, Guilty, Big Little Lies, and Nine Perfect Strangers. To be released in September 2021, this book follows the life of a pair of retired tennis coaches, Joy and Stan Delaney, and their four children. Moriarty takes readers behind the closed doors of seemingly tranquil suburbia as she peels away the layers of a family’s dynamics to reveal a heartfelt truth.

Great Circle, by Maggie Shipstead

The acclaimed author of Seating Arrangements, Maggie Shipstead’s third novel Great Circle is the enthralling story of two women—Marian Graves and Hadley Baxter. Marian is a strong-minded female aviator determined to chart her own course in life. But after a crash landing, she writes one last entry in her logbook and disappears without a trace. Half a century later, Hollywood starlet Hadley who wants to re-define herself, is cast to play Marian in a movie, a role that will take her deep into the life of the vanished pilot.

12 Birds to Save Your Life: Nature’s Lessons in Happiness, by Charlie Corbett

From the song of a skylark to the chirping of a house sparrow, author Charlie Corbett explores the place of birds in our history, culture, and landscape. To be released in June 2021, this book will open your eyes to the joyous sights and sounds of birds and nature, that can act as a balm for your aching soul. Through the pages of his book, Corbett insists that there is a joy to be found in life if we know where to look, and how to listen.

Heaven, by Mieko Kawakami

International bestselling author Mieko Kawakami’s book, Heaven explores the meaning of violence and the calming respite to be found in friendships. Subjected to unending torment for having a lazy eye, the protagonist of this soon-to-be-released book suffers in silence instead of fighting back. The only person who understands what he is going through is his classmate, who receives similar treatments at the hands of her bullies. The two find solace in each other’s company, unaware of the fact that their friendship hasn’t gone unnoticed by their tormentors. This most anticipated book will certainly make for a moving read.

China Room, by Sunjeev Sahota

In his new book, author Sunjeev Sahota narrates a multigenerational story of love, oppression, trauma, and the quest for freedom. Partly inspired by the author’s own family history, this book follows Mehar, a young bride, who is trying to discover the identity of her new husband. She and her sisters-in-law, married to three brothers in a single ceremony in Punjab in 1929, spend their days working in the family’s ‘china room’, forbidden from any contact with the men. Revolving around Mehar’s story is that of a young man who, in 1999, travels from England to the now-deserted farm where Mehar lived. Mark this book as a must-read for the breathtakingly brilliant story it tells.

Project Hail Mary: A Novel, by Andy Weir

Andy Weir, the author of the bestseller The Martian, which was adapted into a film, is back with another tale of adventure and discovery in Project Hail Mary. To be released in May 2021, the book introduces readers to Ryland Grace, who is the sole survivor on a desperate, last-chance mission to save the earth from extinction. Except, the protagonist doesn’t know that. He can’t even remember his name, let alone the nature of his assignment. This science-based thriller is a gripping story of survival and should definitely qualify for a place in your booklist for 2021.

While We Were Dating, by Jasmine Guillory

After the resounding success of her novel The Wedding Date, author Jasmine Guillory is back with While We Were Dating, which is set to hit the shelves in July 2021. The book follows the story of Ben, who has never been much for serious relationships. But when he lands a huge ad campaign featuring movie star Anna Gardiner, he finds it increasingly difficult to keep things purely professional. We can definitely vouch for this rom-com as one of the most entertaining reads of 2021, especially if you’re into romance novels.




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