Traces of memories

Dealing with past memories

Sister Shivani talks about the three spiritual processes that can help us remove negative memories from our consciousness.

We all carry a connection with our past even as we make more memories each day. The health of that past connection depends on how often and for how long we look back—it is fine if we cherish or learn from the past, but not good if we start living there. Spending a large part of life side-tracked by our past will steal us from embracing the present.

Often when looking at past events we focus on negatives, especially about what we or other people should have, would have or could have done. Whether we lost a loved one due to separation or death, went through an illness, faced financial crunch, made a mistake or someone wronged us—there is absolutely nothing we can do about it today. Investing time and depleting energy about the past robs us of the present.

There are three spiritual processes that help us remove negative memories from our consciousness, and each has its unique importance.

To Modify

A negative event is modified into a positive, beneficial form and stored in our consciousness. We note how it made us stronger, what we did right, where we went wrong. The focus is on the self, not anyone else. We take the learning and return to the present.

To Forget

Traces of memories exist in the subconscious mind. But they are as good as forgotten as they do not exist in our conversations. They also do not live in our conscious mind or thoughts.

To Erase

This happens when no traces of a negative past remain in our consciousness. Memories are completely removed from our sub-conscious mind too. We need to apply these processes to release baggage from the past.

Techniques to let go of unpleasant past

We understood that memories can be modified, forgotten or erased. There are as many as 7 proven techniques to do so.

Positive Information

When we listen or read positive or spiritual messages even for 10 minutes daily and absorb them, negative memories fade into the background. Regular intake of such knowledge raises our consciousness and gives us an experience of spiritual bliss. In this state, memories of sorrows and negative experiences become weaker and weaker.

Karmic Awareness

Another benefit of spiritual knowledge is that it makes us realise the relevance of the Law of Karma and its accuracy. When we understand that everything is perfectly placed, no-one gets than what we deserve, it becomes easy to get over the past. The questions and blame stop. The energy saved will allow us to concentrate on elevating our present karma, to build a bright future.

When we place other’s gains ahead of our pains, the power keeps pushing us forward. We will look forward to each day rather than looking back.

Self and God Realisation

Meditation which is an important aspect of spirituality makes us realise the spiritual self (soul), and the supreme father of the self (God). This is an experience of liberation where there is no room for past repentance. Repentance is more a reflection of excessive attachment to physical or material needs, leading to emotions of body-consciousness.

Connection and Rejuvenation

Meditation also establishes a deep and fulfilling connection between us and god. This child-parent relationship addresses our emotional and spiritual needs and heals us completely. It gives us the immense power of love, happiness, and peace. In the experience of these attainments the past ceases to burden our consciousness over a period.


Memories on the soul are like imprints or impressions. Some impressions are deep, others are not. Negative past experiences that leave deep negative impressions or scars can take a long time to heal. Some people live with the pain for an entire lifetime. Negative experience imprints are closely linked with negative emotions like anger, hatred or fear. Incorporating positive sanskars fills the self with positive impressions. Over a period, these positive impressions nullify and override the effect of negative impressions.

Personality Radiation

This means sharing with others, all the gains that we have received through self-transformation. When we consciously remain peaceful, happy and loving in a situation, we serve other people just by being who we are—without having to do anything. We also receive blessings or positive energy in return. This approach gives life a focused, positive and higher purpose which helps to heal our past. When we place other’s gains ahead of our pains, the power keeps pushing us forward. We will look forward to each day rather than looking back.

Healthy Interaction

Spirituality teaches us to look inwards and remain in solitude. At the same time, it also teaches us to thrive in the outer world. The more we live, work or interact with positive-minded people, our conversations send and receive positive energy. Their strength is magical and inspiring. Our attitude becomes brighter. Healthy and happy relationships are a source to remain in present consciousness, not giving the mind the opportunities to drift into the past.

By Sister Shivani




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