divinising this temple

Divinise your temple

Dadi Janki equates the human body to a temple, and says that just likes temples are regularly cleaned to maintain sacredness, our human body too needs to be taken care of with the same diligence.

The sanctity of a temple is due to the purity and holiness of the deity that is installed and worshipped. The temple premises are diligently mopped and cleaned to help maintain the sacredness. Similarly our physical body is a temple in which the pure soul resides. So it goes without saying that we have to take care of the body with the same diligence. And this involves more than just external cleaning of the body.

Let us start with the five sense organs. There are two aspects to divinising our sense organs. Stopping the leakage and filling it up with divinity. The leakage happens when we expend our energy by indulging in sensuous activities i.e. anything that gratifies our sense organs. And this includes activities like watching movies; indulging in spicy, oily food; using foul language; leading an unhealthy lifestyle, to name a few. Of all the five sense organs, our eyes are closest to the brain and hence influence it the most. So we have to watch out what signals we send to the brain through our eyes.

Once we are aware of this leak and are willing to stop it, we can divinise it through meditation. We can visualise “I, the soul, a shiny sparkling star, am situated in the centre of the forehead. The Almighty Supreme soul is present just above my head and I, the soul, am getting energised with the Supreme energy. I am now spreading the energy to the brain, the five sense organs and throughout the body. My thoughts, actions and words are now elevated”. When I interact with others with this consciousness, they will experience divinity through our eyes, words and actions.

Before going to sleep every night, it is a good idea to close our accounts for that day.

This is on a gross level. On a more subtle level, the mind and intellect needs to be divinised as well. With constant vigilance we have to ensure that our thoughts are always elevated and the intellect is clean.

Another important aspect to divinising this temple is food because we are what we eat. Our body is not able to digest meat easily, resulting in the production of toxins. Also, there is excessive protein in meat resulting in extra production of amino acids that cause various illnesses in the body. In addition, non-vegetarian food carries the vibrations of fear the animal had while it was at the slaughter house. When we consume this food, these negative vibrations become part of our energy system. Pure vegetarian food, cooked, offered to God and then consumed with positive vibrations brings about total harmony in the body and mind.

Before going to sleep every night, it is a good idea to close our accounts for that day. Check against the points mentioned above to see, if we maintained the purity of our temple and rectify if necessary.

Dadi Janki

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