Gratitude to thee, O’ God

Gratitude to thee, O’ God

Expressing one’s gratitude is considered a mark of politeness, courtesy and good breeding.

The zen master, Ling Chi said that the real miracle is not to walk on water, in the air, or on burning charcoal, but just to walk on earth. How wonderful for us to stop and breathe in the awareness that the world is a beautiful place; that being alive is a vital, joyous experience; and that life is the greatest miracle of all!

Have you ever come upon a field full of flowers? Have you got up to watch the glorious sunrise that happens morning after morning? Have you felt the gentle breeze brush your face and ruffle your hair?

Have you inhaled the scented night air and looked at the moon and stars with awe and wonder? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself at such moments, what have I done to deserve these marvellous gifts?

The answer is that none of us ever did anything to earn these gifts nor do they make demands upon us for return or repayment. They are just there; they are ours for the asking!

God supplies our every need and always keeps us under His Divine protection. This awareness will help us to feel grateful to God at every step and in every round of life.

Expressing one’s gratitude is considered a mark of politeness, courtesy and good breeding. Is it not fitting then, that we extend such politeness and courtesy to God who has given us so much to be grateful for?

Let not your gratitude stop with words.

Gratitude is appreciation; gratitude is goodwill; gratitude is a benevolent and warm feeling for someone who has helped us, been good to us in one way or another.

But our gratitude must not stop with words alone. It must be expressed through actions or it will remain superficial.

To express this spirit of gratitude in the best possible way, we must utilise our God-given gifts as best as we can. Our body, mind, senses and intellect are amazing gifts, and we need to put them to the best possible use.

Let us learn to translate our thanksgiving into action. Let us use our God-given gifts to promote unity, harmony, peace and joy in this world. Only then are we truly thanking our Creator for this marvellous gift of human birth.


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