becoming a vital part of your team

How can you become a vital part of your strategic team?

A leader should be surrounded by workers who need to be told anything just once. - Radhakrishnan Pillai

Does this situation ring a bell: You desperately want to discuss something important with your boss? When you finally work up the nerve to enter his cabin, you start off by talking about everything else but what you really want to communicate. Slowly, you see your boss getting irritated. In a worst-case scenario, your boss screams, “Please come to the point—fast.” By then, he’s surely prejudiced against you.

You have to understand that people who reach the top are inherently sharp and can understand the core issue very fast. So when you are with them, do not beat around the bush. Now after understanding this point, look at the same situation from the point of the leader. Our seniors always like to work with people who are sharp and can understand things immediately.

Even Chanakya had a piece of practical advice for leaders when it came to choosing their subordinates. He had said, “The demand is to be made only once, not twice.” (5.2.30)

In other words, a leader should be surrounded by workers who need to be told anything just once. And if you ensure you are good enough to be a part of this crack team, your career is made:

Be among the right people

All great leaders invariably have great teams, and they were formed by ensuring that the right people were selected. Remember, here we are talking not of the whole team but the core ‘strategic’ team.

This will be the think-tank of the organisation. It requires mature, sharp, and brilliant people. If you work hard enough to get into this team, your most important work is done.

Gain the vision

Even though you may be sharp, you still need the training to gain the same vision that your seniors have for the organisation. This has to be done in the right manner.

If you are really good, just one logical explanation with facts and figures will be enough. You and your team will then become a part of the senior’s dream and the journey itself will be smooth.

Stay in touch

Hurdles are bound to exist, and they come back in some form or the other. So you have to stay in regular touch with the leader as you need to make sure that you and your team are not drifting from the given path.

Keep yourself focused on your objective and make sure the entire team is doing the same. Always remember that gaining leadership yourself is not just about strategies, but also being a part of a strategic team. Once your team is ready, any demand of you will surely be made only once, not twice.




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