prayer of silence

Open the windows

"A prayer of silence is neglected in these days, but it is the wireless of the soul." - Sadhu TL Vaswani

Will you practice meditation? Then note the following: keep the body in a restful position. It is a spiritual loss, to be weak or ill. Be not in a hurry. Sit down to meditate when you are not tired. Open the windows of your mind and heart and quietly take in what comes. Hence, the value of silence. Silence is essential to health—spiritual and physical. “The atman (Spirit) is silence,” says an Upanishad.

Spiritual and nervous energy is drained in noise. Every prayer in the ancient books moves in an atmosphere of “Shanti, Shanti, Shanti (peace).” Beautiful thoughts inspired the rishis in the forest—ashramas: they were centres of silence. Place your aspirations and difficulties at the feet of the lord. Your sins, too. Don’t be afraid to take to his presence the darkness within you. Sit at his feet as you are. Sit under his influence. Call up an object, an incident, say, from Krishna’s life or Christ’s or Buddha’s—a symbol, say, the flute or the cross or the circle or the lotus. In such incidents and symbols, you may touch the great ones. They are of his family. Do not think they are dead. The great ones live. Read their lives and sayings. Offer yourself as a sacrifice—every day.

The following disciplines will strengthen the power of meditation. Introspection, this will develop a receptivity to higher influences. Sat-sang, graft a branch into a good stalk. What follows? The branch becomes a part of the living organism. In a similar way, we become spiritually living when “grafted” in the sat-sang: our minds and hearts grow into the spiritual.

Prayer of silence is much neglected in these days. Such prayer is the wireless of the soul.

The second chapter of the Gita gives a significant, psychological explanation of the progressive degeneration of man. Lower life begins with attachment to things of passing value and the shadow-shapes which obscure a vision of the unseen. Attachment (wrong sanga) leads to unlawful desires but sat-sang links the soul with a spiritual ideal.

The very sight of a true sadhu (pure man) purifies. From him come rays of purity, vibrations of tapasya, magnetic currents of love. They kill the evil germs around us and purify our moral atmosphere.

Sat-sang (spiritual fellowship) helps because it builds up a magnetic centre of spiritual life. From such a centre flows a vital energy, a shakti which purifies our emotions and strengthens our faltering steps on the path. Sitting under the influence of the spirit—that is what makes the soul a medium of his message. Prayer of silence is much neglected in these days. Such prayer is the wireless of the soul.

The inner life is the true life of freedom. How much it is neglected in these days when not a few shout freedom with hate and passion in their hearts! How poor are they who are in the limelight compared to those who “sit under” the spirit-light and are silent!




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