Self reflection and self awareness

Self-reflection and self-awareness

God is our true friend, our guardian and our guide. Let us always seek his help, before turning to worldly sources for support.

Over the years, there is one way I have discovered to connect with the divine, and I believe it has really drawn me closer to the Lord. I would like to share it with you. It is to sit in silence, in the calm and quiet stillness of the night, before you retire to bed, and go over all the events of the last twelve hours. Start anti-clockwise: at 10 pm or 9 pm (which is just past) and recall your actions during the day that is just over. Ask yourself: What have I done during the day that is just over?

For some of you, the day might involve questions such as the following:

What was the action I did before I retired to my bed?

Was I just watching TV? Or was I spending precious free time with the members of my family?

How and where did I eat my meal – seated with the family around the dinner table, or taking my plate to sit in front of the TV?

How did I spend my evening? Slouched over a newspaper, or reading a good book?

In what frame of mind did I leave work? Irritable and exhausted, or with the sense of having accomplished a day’s useful activity?

How did I behave with my colleagues at work? Was I annoyed and suspicious about them, or did I appreciate what they did?

How did I treat my subordinates? Was I kind and courteous at all times, or did I use harsh words to criticise them?

In what frame of mind did I enter the office this morning – with the feeling that work is worship, or feeling lousy about my job and my colleagues?

The routine I have given above, is only an indication. You must fill in details of your own daily schedule. Was I kind and loving to the children? Did I attend all my lectures and pay attention to what was being taught? Was I helpful and polite to my customers? How often did I lose my temper? How often did I speak / think harshly? How many people did I refuse to meet?

Think in the reverse direction. You will realise the mistakes you have made, knowingly or unknowingly. Call God, seek his guidance. Ask him to forgive you; ask him to help you to forgive yourself. Ask him to help you become a better person tomorrow; ask him for the gift of a more worthwhile life tomorrow.

Pray to God, ‘O Lord! Forgive me my faults; forgive my mistakes which I have committed in the last 24 hours. Give me the strength to correct them. Dear God, bestow on me the awareness of the true purpose of my life, and the wisdom to improve my karma and to do good deeds!’




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