The way to pray

Setting the mind free: The way to pray

Sri M explains how meditation can help break the conditioning of the mind.

If you look carefully enough to history, there are people, who have been born into conditioning circumstances, yet by not allowing themselves to be hypnotised into thinking that they cannot achieve, have managed to soar to great heights of achievement. Great yogis, the great rishis, the great scientists, the greatest in all fields—let us say—are those who are not satisfied in believing the conditioning of the mind and try hard to break through the shell and soar to great heights in whatever field they are involved in.

That is where meditation helps. There are different ways of going about it.

Among different disciplines and different schools of thought, one is the traditional way of prayer, of course. There are people who would say—well, I don’t want to pray, I am not a beggar.

Believe me, praying is not begging. Praying is a beautiful, psychological exercise where deep down you seek to emerge from the circumstances that limit your progress and upon finding that the mind with its present, conditioned capacity cannot help do it, you appeal to the higher mind to bring about a breakthrough so that you can reach what normally cannot be reached. This is prayer.

Well, you can call that higher potential of the mind, God, or if you don’t want to call it God, that is fine. What you are trying to do is break the limitations and move towards the limitless, to grow rather than to be satisfied with the decay.

How do we do that? Is there a way to pray? Yes, there is a way. There are many ways to pray.


There is one capacity in the human being that is not found in the animals, which is imagination.

One, if you have faith in an infinite Supreme Being, put all your heart into what you want to do or what you want to achieve and pray hard; that is very simple, anybody can do it. Pray with great feeling. The emotions and feelings help to keep our goal properly fixed in the fulfillment circuit, so that when it is switched on there is no blockage, it goes straight up, let us say.

So, pray. Pray in the morning. Pray in the evening. Pray whenever you want. Pray not only for yourself but also pray for others. Even the very fact that you keep praying, for something, records the desire in you, stronger and stronger in your mind until the desire turns into a reality.

There is one capacity in the human being that is not found in the animals, which is imagination. Of course, animals also think, animals are very intelligent. Sometimes, one wonders they are more intelligent than we are, in many cases.

The other day, someone said, there was a monkey sitting on the top of a tree saying—man descended, about that we make no fuss, but brother, he did not descend from us! Too ashamed to admit that man in his present state descended from him.

So, animals are intelligent. But, there is one thing they lack, imagination.

I think, when the Bible says God breathed the breath of life into Adam—it is talking about the capacity to visualise. The capacity belongs to the divine and it was gifted to man, breathed into the human heart.

It is a symbolic way of saying that a certain capacity that is divine has been added on to man, or to the human being, to the mortal.  It is this imagination that has made the human mind, the human kind, to improve, evolve and reach this state.


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