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The power of pure thoughts

"The potential of a thought has a close and direct connection with its purity-the less adulterated a thought, the greater its creative power." - Dadi Janki

Let us take a few moments and withdraw from the external world to watch our inner self. Along with our heart’s rhythm, the breathing process and the blinking of eyes, there is another process that is constantly on. We are churning out thoughts one after another. The process is so swift and smooth that it seems automatic. It appears that random thoughts, which are very different from each other, just flash on our mind’s screen from nowhere. But if we pause to observe, we realise that we are creating all of them through the mind–some consciously, others with little awareness. These are then translated into words and actions.

The purpose of a thought is to create, to affect a change and produce a meaningful reality. Considering that we generate infinite thoughts per day, we are blessed with an abundant personal resource, but few of us live our lives in this awareness as our consciousness is too caught up in physical surroundings. As a result, most of our fertile thought energy and freedom to choose and create is simply wasted.

The potential of a thought has a close and direct connection with its purity–the less adulterated a thought, the greater its creative power. A pure thought is not fragmented, distracted or ripped by doubt and so is powerful and naturally rooted in truth and belief. It has the capacity to trigger similar thoughts that draw the destination closer. Just like the pure extract of a substance is strong and just a drop of it is sufficient, a few concentrated pure thoughts can produce significant concrete results.

Thought is the source of all manifestation on earth. As there is a process of growth between a seed and its fruit, our thoughts need the air of reinforcement and repetition, the water of determination, and the sunlight of patience to grow into action. A task is realised when pure thoughts that head in the same direction are created, concentrated, then acted upon.

Divergent, conflicting thoughts, on other hand, are like strong winds that cause the original sapling to droop. They create a hostile environment for our intent to bear fruit.

Thoughts of lust, anger, greed, insecurity, ego and attachment are adulterated because they do not spring from the true nature of the soul.

The biggest enemy of pure thoughts is waste thoughts. These are thoughts that ponder over something that is unchangeable or not in our control–like thinking about the past, deliberating over others’ behaviour or commenting on things that don’t concern us. Though they appear harmless or ordinary, such thoughts blur the focus and dampen the passion ignited by pure thoughts; they induce fatigue and despair in the individual, making life an uphill journey.

All tasks are accomplished through determined thoughts that are well-nourished. This is true for anything we achieve–both good and evil. A great deal of planning goes into vicious actions. From acts of revenge to designing networks for anti-social activities, all undergo the same process, but their source thoughts cannot qualify as pure as they lack the fundamental characteristic of a benevolent aim.

Pure thoughts are elevated as they are born in the heart of the soul that is innately virtuous and a reservoir of wisdom, love, peace, joy and power, and so achieve noble ends. They are planted in spiritual energy and thus free of adulterants that creep into the soul when it starts to associate itself with matter–the body, its roles and attainments. Thoughts of lust, anger, greed, insecurity, ego and attachment are adulterated because they do not spring from the true nature of the soul.

Evil flourishes through a sustained force of negative thoughts that are destructive in nature. While pure, positive, powerful thoughts create things that matter, negative thoughts counter or destroy them and waste thoughts are simply futile.

In simple words, pure thoughts are heart-to-heart. They arise from the pure core of a being and touch similar chords on reaching their destination. Their best example are good wishes, which are consciously created thoughts for the well-being of the self and others. Though invisible, good wishes have immense power to transform circumstances and so are valued in all cultures in the world.

They are readily exchanged at all times–whether it is a celebration, a solemn occasion or before embarking on a venture. When concentrated, good wishes act as laser rays that can destroy cobwebs of waste and negative thoughts, or promote projects stalled due to staunch opinions and prejudices. In relationships, they work like a balm that heals hearts damaged by acidic memories and bitter emotions and encourage dignified bonding. They untangle the sender as much as they free the receiver.

Thought power is the most freely available and yet the most untapped resource. A weapon is no better than a piece of junk till we know how it works and actually use it. There is an urgent need to learn to create and sustain pure thoughts in a world conducive to negativity. This art demands good practice before it starts to create magic.

Serving through the mind is most needed today when the spiritual environment around the globe is becoming highly polluted. It is so due to disharmony between thoughts, words and actions and also because the gap between demand and supply of noble intentions is constantly widening. Taking out time in one’s daily schedule to consciously create good wishes for the self and others would be a great humanitarian service.

Choosing a quiet time, preferably in the early morning, and thinking of a particular place, one can shower peace over zones of conflict, spray spiritual love in areas that experience lack of harmony, and send happiness to those who have lost hope and joy. For the self, one can draw unlimited love, peace, power and protection from the Supreme Father, who is the ocean of purity and all goodness.

Dadi Janki


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