Yoga is samatva

The secret of yoga

Sadhu TL Vaswani says, "A true yogi is a man of harmony. He has found peace within himself, and has no ill-will, no hate, against anyone."

The central word in the Gita is yoga. What is yoga? Different answers to the question are given us in different slokas in the Gita. In the second adhyaya (chapter), the master says to his beloved disciple, Arjuna, “Yoga is samatva.” Samatva is harmony. Yoga is harmony. A yogi is a man of harmony.

“Strive after harmony!” says Sri Krishna to Arjuna. Be in tune with the centre of harmony. The earth-plane, on which we live and move, is a plane of friction. The earth-life is full of conflict and contradictions. Strive after harmony, Arjuna! The true life is a life of balance. In success and failure, in sunshine and rain, in prosperity and adversity, be at peace with the world and with yourself, O Arjuna! Have a sense of harmony within you, in the flux of things.

To touch the centre of harmony, that is yoga! A true yogi is a man of harmony. He has found peace within himself: he has no ill-will, no hate, against any. Some will praise thee, some will hate thee, Arjuna! Be attuned to the centre of harmony. Hate thou none, give thy love to all!

Therefore, too, rise above the allurement of interested action—the action infected with selfishness. Renounce the fruit of action. Act, offering thy actions as a sacrifice to God. Men are busy, active, very active. But their activity is very often glorified self-interest, organised selfishness. Therefore, are so many unhappy. Frederick the Great was one of the heroes of Carlyle. He said, “I have been unhappy all my life!”

Great men are greatly unhappy. They are active but do not know the joy of life. Joy is self-offering to the Lord. Joy is dedicated to life.




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